Understanding Activ8 Audience Segments

Below is a comprehensive list of the different audience segments that are available in Activ8. These segments can be used in various marketing campaigns, including: digital, social, direct marketing and more. Reach out to your Account Director to learn more about how you can further target these audiences in your advertising efforts with Stream Companies!

Finance Upgrade:

Loan customers who are in a positive equity position.

Lease Upgrade:

Lease customers who have a lease ending soon (typically 6 months or under).

Lease Overage:

Lease customers with 12 or less remaining payments who are projected to go over their allowed mileage before lease end.

High APR:

Loan customers with a high APR rate (typically 9% or higher).

Warranty Alert:

Purchase customers that currently have a factory or extended warranty that will be expiring within the next 90 days.

Service Upgrade:

Service only customers who frequently service their vehicle at the dealership.

Vehicle Wallet Experience:

All other customers who do not fall into the above categories. These are customers who have recently purchased a new vehicle, don't service frequently, etc.

Shopped Privately:

Customers who have used their personalized Vehicle Wallet experience.

Shopped Publicly:

Customers who have visited the public dealership website through their monthly email, Vehicle Wallet or identified via FullThrottle Shopper Suite.