Automotive dealers are in the business to sell cars. Therefore, generating traffic to the dealership’s website is of high priority. However, you don’t just want any sort of traffic, you want qualified traffic and individuals who will bring your dealership business. In order to ensure this gets executed properly, you’ll want to add the 4 auto marketing tips below to your daily morning ritual:


As amazing as your best salesman may be, a majority of car buyers will always be thinking in their head what kind of reputation they have and if they are telling the truth. In order for them to have peace of mind, many will head home and find a dealer rating site to get the scoop. How does your dealership appear on these sites? Is there positive feedback or could it use some work? Car buyers want to hear from real people about their experience at your dealership and you don’t want to lose out on potential business due to a bad review. Monitor these sites daily to see what your community is saying. Reply when necessary to show users how you handle problems and encourage satisfied car buyers to leave a review after they make their purchase.

Inventory Analytics

“Time is Money” is a very true statement, especially when it comes to how well your inventory is performing. Having factual data that tells you what inventory is selling best in the fewest days with the highest gross will help stock your dealership with the most profitable inventory. Most dealership back-ends have an Analytics platform already installed so you can track that action on your site and the sales that follow suit. By checking these numbers routinely, you know where your sales are coming from and which of your sales people are selling the most units for the most profit.

Google Analytics

Half of you reading this may have Google Analytics installed on your site, and the other half may not. For those who don’t, I suggest making this a top priority and reading up on it's benefits. For those who do, you may be struggling how to measure what matters. In essence, the only data that matters are numbers that impact your bottom line. And if you’re not paying attention to those and doing what you can to push the needle upwards and sell more cars, you could be wasting some really valuable information! The amount of information obtainable through Google Analytics is certainly overwhelming, and if you don’t have the time to learn all of its’ useful features, make it a point to at least check these 3 statistics every morning.

  1. Audience -->Overview: This is your “main dashboard” and will allow you to check how many visitors are coming to your site, the amount of pageviews, their time on site, bounce rate, etc. Keeping tabs on this daily will ensure your site is headed in the right direction and nothing has happened to cause your rankings to drop.
  2. Audience -->Geo -->Location -->City: Here you can track what cities users are coming from to access your site. This is incredibly important to help with your off-line and online advertising tactics.
  3. Behavior -->Site Content--> Landing Pages: This section is very beneficial if you want to track your Organic performance. You’ll be able to see what pages users are accessing your site on from the search engine results pages (Google, Bing). You can then use those top performing pages in other forms of advertising, and better optimize those that are not performing as well.

Google AdWords

Paid search is a great medium to target consumers in the early stages of the car-buying process. It helps you get in front of your potential customers in any geographical area. If your dealership is currently using Google AdWords, you should be making it a point to check the results of your paid search spend every day. What you don’t want to do is run a campaign and not return to check on its’ progress until the budget runs out. This could lead to a large loss in money if a campaign is not successful. Checking in daily will ensure everything is up to par, your numbers are looking good and the message you are sending out is being received in a positive light.

There’s a lot of data that needs to be checked daily, or at the very least, weekly, if you want to ensure your dealership achieves ultimate success. Checking these 4 consistently will put you in best possible position to make educated decisions with your marketing dollars.

If you want to learn how FullThrottle, an auto marketing dealership, can help you ramp up these services, shoot us an email today! We are always here and happy to help.


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