When done correctly, equity mining can be a win-win for all parties involved. For you, more early trade-in vehicles in your inventory is a sure opportunity for profit, fueling service work for inspections and necessary parts replacements and adding more certified pre-owned cars to your showroom.

Your customers get to upgrade their ride to a newer model while maintaining the same monthly payment, building a new positive experience they can associate with your dealership which spurs higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So, what’s the catch? The problem with most equity mining tools out there is that they’re time consuming and difficult to use in conjunction with your other sales tools.

Enter the FullThrottle equity gold mine.

FullThrottle’s Marketing Suite is a collection of intuitive, dealer-friendly tools that plugs directly into your dealership’s CRM platform, so your sales team doesn’t need to learn a brand-new technology to power up their equity mining efforts. Put your hard hat with the light on it and pickaxe away for good. FullThrottle’s equity mining feature continuously evaluates the prospects in your customer database and pulls qualified leads directly into a dashboard view in a platform you already know like the back of your hand.

You’ve been setup (for a profitable sale).

Your dealership’s sales team now has instant access to information about which customers driving cars with equity are most likely to lead to an early trade-in sale. If our tool stopped right there, it would be a decent tool for identifying opportunities and eliminating complexity, but it wouldn’t be a full-service solution.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there. FullThrottle’s Marketing Suite is a full-service solution. Our equity mining goes the extra mile by automatically populating relevant sales prep materials such as eligible upgrade models and term adjustments to each prospect’s profile, allowing you to see your efforts through and effectively close the sale.

Talk to equity customers in their preferred space.

The service lane is seen as an important contact point for presenting equity offers to customers, including those who didn’t purchase their vehicle at your dealership. But, with more than half of service customer dropping off their vehicles rather than waiting for them, the opportunity to present offers to high-equity customers in the service lane isn’t always there.

With the capability to text, email, or print any offer in FullThrottle’s Marketing Suite, you now have a way to effectively reach all equity opportunities, including drop-off customers who didn’t buy from your dealership, but do use your service center.

Less input, more sales: Equity mining for dealerships done right.

Prioritizing which customers make prime vehicle upgrade candidates and helping your sales team effectively close the loop with personalized offer options, using FullThrottle’s new equity mining tool is your dealership’s secret to supercharged sales.

What are you waiting for? See FullThrottle’s equity mining tool and Marketing Suite in action for your dealership today by scheduling a live demo.


-Jenny is an Inbound Copywriter here at FullThrottle


Jenny Prikockis

Jennifer Prikockis is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at FullThrottle

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