In the last few years, equity mining tools have helped dealer owners make great strides in identifying their most qualified leads in an effort to notify them of upcoming savings and deals that they may want to take advantage of. But while this tool can help you, the dealer, identify your likely candidates, how can Full Throttle’s equity mining software help your customers? 

Adding Convenience to the Automotive Experience

The times have changed drastically for dealers all across the country. The internet and technology has made the everyday consumer more adept and aware of their needs when it comes to figuring out major purchases like a new car. The digital dealer interaction with the customer base has proven successful at retaining customers and business.

The new Equity Mining software from Full Throttle goes the distance with helping you retain your customers and keeping them in the know of upcoming savings, service, and deals that they won’t want to miss out on. This software automates the experience for both the dealer and the customer, providing easy access and reliable updates.

Equity Mining: Benefiting the Customers

While this equity mining tool is substantially helpful to the dealer, it’s a multi-purpose tool that also benefits the customer. Your most qualified leads get real-time information and updates when they’re logged into the consumer portal. Customers are more likely to engage when they’re notified of upcoming deals and savings that they may want to take advantage of. It reminds them that they’re a valued customer by giving them the inside scoop pertaining to the latest deals.

Your customers can access their portal at any time. They can browse your current inventory while being notified that they’re qualified for an upgrade. Customers will even get real-time information about upcoming services and maintenance that their vehicle will need. Customers will no longer have to keep an eye on their odometer or their dashboard to know when their vehicle is due for service.

While accessing their portal, your customers can look at trade values, changes in monthly payment, and learn more about incentives and deals that your dealership is currently rolling out. They can even check out vehicle and dealership reviews when they’re considering getting a new car. This personalized portal will provide them with enough information and incentives that will result in a seamless car buying experience for both you and the customer.

Personalizing the Experience

The equity mining software not only keeps the customers informed of deals, service, and the latest vehicles to hit your lot, but it also personalizes the entire experience. It helps retain customers through a variety of means like birthday greetings, informing them of their sales anniversary, and it sends a thank you for their loyalty. It’s an extenuation of the customer service that your dealership is known for, only that it works around the clock to provide the customers with updates and incentives-- letting them know that they can rely on your dealership for the most current information about the vehicles on your lot.

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