How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Auto Dealership

Marketing without buyer personas is like cooking without knowing who your guests are. Sure it can be done, but there’s no telling if anyone’s going to like it. Creating buyer personas for your auto dealership allows you to tailor content and other inbound marketing tactics to the specific concerns, behaviors, and needs of your ideal customer (aka the customer who’s most likely to buy from you).

Without buyer personas, your dealership could be failing to reach those customers, or worse, marketing to people who aren’t interested in buying from your business.

But before we get into how you make one, let’s take a closer look at what a buyer persona actually is.

Auto Dealer Buyer Personas: What Is It and How Can It Help?

A properly researched buyer persona provides you with detailed information about your ideal customer. This specific information gives you insight into their unique background, job title, habits, pain points, purchase patterns, and much more. Your dealership can then use all of this information to construct marketing messages, content, and even services that cater specifically to your customer.

This advanced targeting method makes it easier for your dealership to reach the people who are most likely to buy from you while at the same time providing them with the tools and information they need to make a purchase. At the end of the day, buyer personas make it easier for you to solve your customers’ problems.

The First Step in Creating Buyer Personas: Gathering Information

Before you do anything, you’ll need to learn who your ideal customer is. This is more than just generalizations or assumptions. We’re talking about real data on the people who you do business with. Who are they? What do they do for a living? Why are they looking for an auto dealership? Answering these questions allows you to discover what’s most important to your customer.

The easiest way to get those answers is by asking. Having your customers complete a short survey or talking with your sales team can provide valuable information. Here are a few sample questions you could ask:

  1. What is your occupation? Job title?
  2. How old are you?
  3. How often do you buy a vehicle?
  4. Do you typically buy new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicles?
  5. What’s the biggest challenge you face when purchasing a vehicle/getting your vehicle serviced?

Questions such as these give a unique view into your customer’s life and what their experiences are while going through the purchase process.

You can find more sample questions to ask during your persona-building research in this post from HubSpot.

Step Two: Putting It All Together

Now that you’ve got the raw data, it’s time to put it together and create your first buyer persona. Give your persona a name, such as Engineer Dan or Nancy the Pediatrician, and add a picture to give your persona a face. If you’re getting photos from the internet, make sure that they’re public domain and not copyrighted material. There are a number of free image services you can use.

Next, start filling in all of the demographic and behavioral data you gathered from your research. The goal here is to have a clear picture of who this customer is, from what their interests are to how many kids they have. The more detailed the persona, the more accurate you’re marketing efforts will be.

Step Three: Apply Your Buyer Personas

Now that you’ve created a buyer persona (or a few, depending on how many types of customers your dealership has), one way to start using them is by producing content, specifically tailored to those personas. Not sure if your website platform supports all of your buyer persona and content marketing research. Check out this free guide to make sure your website platform provider can support your needs. Click here to access the Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Your Next Website Platform.Automotive Dealership Website Platform

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—Christopher Wirth is the Inbound Marketing Team Lead at FullThrottle



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