Boost Your Dealership’s Conversions with Five Call to Action Tweaks

In internet marketing, conversions are an important metric for measuring your website’s user engagement. Conversions occur when visitors click on a call to action (CTA) that tells them what to do next, whether it’s downloading coupons or scheduling a test drive. The stronger a call to action, the more conversions it can generate for your dealership.

A few minor changes to your CTAs can improve your conversion rates if they’re low, create a more engaging website, and increase sales for your auto dealership.

Here are five CTA tweaks that can send your conversion rates through the roof.

1. Keep Your CTAs Short and Sweet

CTAs don’t have to be complicated. In fact, they typically yield better results when they’re short and concise.

When crafting a CTA, ask yourself what your customers really want, why your offer is valuable to them, and what their next step should be. Use specific and direct command verbs that tell your audience exactly what to do, and emphasize the importance of your offer.

2. Make Each CTA Time Sensitive

Time sensitivity adds value to your CTA, which means visitors are more likely to complete the action you’ve directed them to take. Phrases such as “download now” or “test drive today” convey a sense of urgency, encourage visitors to move onto the next step, and increase your conversion rates.

3. Design a CTA Button That Stands Out

In addition to clear and powerful language, each CTA should have its own bright, boldly colored button that captures your audience’s attention. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty, but visually it should pop out so visitors don’t scroll past it.

When designing your CTA, get creative. Experiment with different button sizes and colors schemes to determine what works best for your dealership.

4. Place CTAs at the Top of Your Webpage

CTAs are traditionally posted at the bottom of a web page, but only 60% of readers get through an article’s content in its entirety, according to HubSpot. That means your CTA should be located above the fold—or near the top of your webpage—so users don’t have to scroll down.

Every business is different, so we recommend testing a few CTA locations to determine what yields the best results for your dealership. The more visible your CTAs are, the more conversions you’ll receive on your website.

5. Call Consumers to Take the Right Action at the Right Time

Effective CTAs should reflect where consumers are in the buyer’s journey and lend themselves for an engaging, productive experience on your auto dealership’s website. That way, you help consumers move onto the next step in the shopping process without being too pushy or aggressive.

For example, a Content Verve case study added a text link CTA to an ecommerce website’s product overview page rather than a checkout page. As a result, they saw a 17.18% increase in conversion rates.

Depending on what your users are seeking out, a CTA for an ebook download may be more appropriate than a CTA to contact the dealership or schedule a test drive. Consider what consumers are looking for from that web page’s content and write a CTA based on what their next step should be.

Biggest Takeaways

Minor tweaks in language and appearance can dramatically change your CTA’s performance. With a few small changes, your dealership is on its way to more leads, higher conversion rates, and a stronger business than ever before. Not sure how where to start when it comes to tweaking your calls to action for optimum performance? Let's talk!


All the Best,


—Meghan Garrity is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at FullThrottle


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