How does the system determine which addresses to use for their package?

For instance, if a dealer goes with the 1,000 mailer package, and you are able to match up 2, then does the system determine which 1,000 to use for the package?  Do they determine the first 1,000 of the 2,000 matched or do they look geographically at the 2,000 selecting the closest 1,000?

Since the system runs automatically every single minute of every single day, it can’t really compare what it doesn’t know yet. Unlike a one-time mail drop where you have one set of data, you can figure out who you want to hit. With Shopper Suite, you are collecting hundreds of data points every day. That being said, we have a feature rolling out called Power Score where after 90 days, you can hone in where you want to spend your marketing, based on last 90 days of historical stats/averages. This new Power Score feature would most likely be ready by the time someone signed up and finished their first 90 days.


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