Claim Your Digital Backyard to Beat the Competition

Ever since search engines have been able to offer localized suggestions, the world of digital has been turned upside down for digital marketing strategists. Since Google and other popular search engines can now access your location, owning your digital backyard means everything to your business and your website.

So what does this mean for digital content marketers? It means focusing on localized content has never been more important.

Importance of Localized Content

Localized content focuses on specific users and geographies to attract visitors to a website. More than ever, localized content plays a huge part in ranking in Google’s algorithms and affects what appears in search engine results.

Now, when you use a search engine such as Google, the results that appear are determined by location, even without mentioning the location in the search bar because Google can track a person’s specific location.

How to Create Localized Content

If we were to create localized content for a car dealership, the best strategy would be to start simply: What areas does the dealership want to target to increase traffic and where are their competitors located?

Once you’ve decided on a few geographic locations, do some research and pinpoint what the area is known for. For example, a car dealership client is located in Irvine, CA, and would like to target the neighboring town, Huntington Beach, CA, where a competitor is located. An idea for a local content piece would be to research surf shops since Huntington Beach is known for them.

By creating content mentioning the specific target and local businesses located in Huntington Beach, it’s almost as though you’re fooling Google into thinking that the dealership is located in Huntington Beach, CA.

Another example would be to focus on well-known events in the given area. Huntington Beach is known for the US Open of Surfing that takes place every July. It would be beneficial for the car dealership trying to pull in traffic from Huntington Beach to create content on their website about this event since it’s a popular search term that people want to learn more information about.

Creating a content topic such as “Ultimate Guide to the 2016 US Surf Open in Huntington Beach” would be a great start. To continue pursuing this topic, you could focus on topics such as “Where to Stay for the US Surf Open in Huntington Beach, CA” or “Best Restaurants to Try During the US Surf Open.”

Taking local content a step further, it would be beneficial to reach out to the businesses or events mentioned in your content to see if they’ll link your article on their website or social media pages. The more links pointing to your page, the higher your domain authority becomes. The higher your domain authority becomes, the more likely you’ll have solid traffic numbers and high-ranking keywords relevant to the area you want to target. Therefore, you’ll own your digital backyard!

Kick-Start Your Local Content Strategy

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Tina DiSerafino is an SEO Content Strategist at FullThrottle.



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