That Are Stealing Your Leads

With so many advances in website conversion tools it’s hard to decipher a good website vendor from a lead-thirsty one. So how do you know if you’re wasting your marketing dollars on a vendor that’s stealing your leads? And more importantly, what are the best ways to take caution when those vendors come knocking? 

How To Spot A Vampire Vendor 

As a best practice, it’s not recommended to have a ton of widgets on your website. Having a website page splashed with a ton of conversion points can be confusing to your website visitors and deter them from purchasing a vehicle from you. But as a dealer, you are probably approached by vendors all the time trying to sell you why you need to put a certain icon or banner on your website to generate a ton of leads for you. A vampire vendor will actually take leads that would already be converting on your website and essentially sell that lead back to you making you pay for it. The problem is, you may not even know they’ve sunk their teeth in your leads because it looks like the widgets are producing results.  

Don’t Sacrifice Your Dealership 

This is where understanding how your website is performing comes into play. Take a look at your website analytics and understand how many leads are converting on your website each month. Dive deeper and see which pages convert the most. Take those numbers and compare it to what your vendor’s widget is producing. If your overall monthly conversions are the same that widget is not producing more leads for you, you’re just paying for leads that would have already converted on your site anyway.  

Think about it this way… 

If you have a stellar sales team on your showroom floor that produces measurable results each month and then you pay me (the vampire vendor) to come in and stand in front of the entrance to the showroom dressed a bit differently than your sales team (to stand out). I would collect all the incoming leads as my own and your sales team would look very unproductive. Whether I was standing at the front door or not, you’d still get those leads, but with me at the front door you’re paying extra for them. 

You can’t afford to let this keep happening. 

Not All Vendors Are Created Equal 

Not all vendors are vampire vendors, some can help you generate more leads from your website. Often times, vendor widgets can stand out more on a website page and draw the attention of a website visitor who will convert. You just need to be aware of what widgets are producing real results to better decipher the good from the lead-thirsty. 

Don’t get seduced by vampire vendors that will steal your leads! 

If you’re unsure about which widgets on your website are actually working for you and which ones aren’t, we should talk. At FullThrottle, we use science-backed data and analytics to drive our recommendations for dealerships like yours every day. In fact, with over 20 years’ experience in automotive marketing we know what it takes to increase conversions on your website and drive more people into your showroom.  

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