Dealership Website Merchandising

Dealership websites are basically all the same. They seem to look just as basic and bland as the next. In this sea of dealership similarity, the question is, how do you get your website to stand out?

Through the power of proper web merchandising, you can make sure your website is one your customers will remember. While brand guidelines and standard vehicle content may make it difficult for a dealership website to express individuality, there are still ways you can use website merchandising to fly past the competition.

Web Merchandising Tools You Can Use!

  • Use real photos – Never underestimate the power of a good visual aid. It is important to take the time to add quality photographs your vehicles, both new and used. As the car buying process becomes dominated by digital interaction, those websites that will set themselves apart and ultimately sell more vehicles are those that take the time to properly display the product. In other words, customers want to see exactly what they are getting! The goal here is to take clean and clear photos from multiple angles.
  • Specials make you special – What could make you stand out from the competition more than offering the best deals in town? Specials are the cornerstone of successful automotive web merchandising. Specials are the best way for your dealership to entice customers and get more people on the showroom floor. It is important to update your website monthly with competitive offers. Review national, regional, and competitor’s specials to ensure you are offering the best deal in town.


Put it in Drive:

Vehicle specials are important, but don’t neglect the opportunity to offer some great deals for your service and parts departments. Offering monthly competitive service and parts specials is an out-of-the-box way to ensure customers are scheduling their next service appointment with your dealership!


  • Update Your Calls-to-Actions – Start letting the calls-to-action buttons across your site work for you. Calls to action buttons work best when they are as specific as possible. If you “click here” what are you going to get? Where are you going to be led? Avoid vague or over used phrasing, like “click here.” Instead, try adding a personal element to your vehicle description call to action buttons, such as “Bob’s Bottom Line Price” or “Schedule Your Test Drive.”
  • Slideshows – Homepage slideshows can often be a hit or miss creative opportunity to set your site apart. All automotive websites have them, but not all website utilize them properly. Keep your slideshow deck small, with three to five slides being the magic number. Research, like these articles written by Yoast and the Atlantic, shows that the number of people who interact with a slideshow feature drops significantly after the first slide. Keep your slideshow content up to date with relevant material. Your slideshow content should change often to give your site’s homepage a fresh new look. Spend the time and get the graphics right! Invest in solid graphic design that displays relevant information, follows manufacturer guidelines, but also promotes your brand.

For more web merchandising tips like these check out our 7 Digital Merchandising Strategies to Help You Sell More Cars webinar episode.

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-Written by Alyson Stephan Web Merchandising Team Lead at Full Throttle


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