It takes minimal effort to buy a domain name and put a website online. Multiple template designs are available on almost every content management system, making websites easier than ever to build. However, when you build a website, an outline must first be in place.

The reason to build an outline is to prevent yourself from making mistakes, forget to include pertinent information or seem unorganized. While you may read the page and completely understand the flow from one page to the next. Remember, your website visitor will need some guidance on where to look, click and engage with your website.

Here is a list of top reasons why people absolutely hate your website, which scares visitors away and devastates your chances of success on the internet.

#1 - Speed

It’s time to increase the speed of your website and drop some the popular/more annoying attributes causing longer load times. Here are three attributes to stop using immediately.

  • Image sliders that take forever to load
  • Pop-up after pop-up
  • Auto playing media, audio or video

#2 - Poor Navigation

We have grown accustomed to seeing certain things on a website that help us get what we need from your website. Don’t make it difficult!

  • Navigation order - Home – About Us – Products/Services/Info – Contact
  • Drop down menu that stays above the fold
  • Internal links that takes us to relevant places on your website or another website

#3 - Stock Photos

Now this may not apply to all niches, but if your product or service requires a personal touch, use real photos. Example:

  • When shopping for a car, do you want to see the stock photo of the car or the actual photo?
  • A photo of an actual worker, working on the service you provide.
  • A picture says a thousand words, take them and use them on your website!

#4 - Contact info not listed the way I want to contact

Provide your contact information on the main contact page. If you don’t want people to scrape your info and spam your email or cold call, place it into an image. But, don’t leave it out of your website. We want to see:

  • Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Email, Contact Forms
  • Individual names of people working for your business

#5 - Age of your website design

Website platforms have made some significant advances over the last few years. When a visitor lands on your website from the first time, it’s the first impression they will receive of your business. If your website has not been upgraded, visitors may wonder if you’re still open.

  • Upgrade your platform or template every 5 years
  • Remove any older looking, flashy items from your website
  • Have a teenager look at your website, they’ll let you know if it needs an update

As much as having a website presents an opportunity to take advantage of the internet and all business available for the taking. Poor user experience will drive high “back button” clicks, or taps, which can ruin the chances of generating any business from your website. Research ways to eliminate the top reasons people hate your website before driving traffic to it.


Put it in Drive:

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me

Focus on your customers, their needs and what you can do for them. Your customers are not visiting your website to learn more about you and what you do. They care about themselves and what you can do you them.


All the best,


-Dan is a PR Coordinator at FullThrottle


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