Email has the ability to build brand awareness, strengthen the relationship you have with your customers, and ultimately drive foot traffic to your showroom. But, sticking with one email avenue isn’t likely to get you the opens and click throughs you need.

Another way to reach your audience can make all the difference. In the following post, we’ll give you 7! Check out these types of marketing emails your dealership could be sending right now:

  1. Sales Event Emails

What They Are: Sales event emails are sent to spread the word about an upcoming promotion at your dealership.

Writing Tips & Tone: Try to keep sales event emails short and use language that will promote a sense of urgency around the event. Always make sure the terms of the promotion are spelled out, including the dates in which the offer will be valid.

It shouldn’t be difficult for a reader to pick out the who, what, where, when with a quick glance. Use bolding and headings to make key information pop!

  1. eNewsletters

What They Are: Monthly eNewsletters are a great way to build trust and awareness around your dealership. Through monthly story segments, subscribers learn more about your business, the people behind it, and the services it provides.

Writing Tips & Tone: Since they’re more geared toward educating, eNewsletters are really flexible and fun when it comes to content. They may bring in article snippets from recent blog posts, point readers to a new model or technology emerging in the industry, or spotlight a recent community event that your dealership participated in.

  1. New Inventory Email

What They Are: Have a brand new 2017-year model that will be making an appearance in your showroom? New inventory emails aim to get the public excited and instantly clicking through to your website for more information.

Writing Tips & Tone: Since these emails are about dialing up the hype around highly anticipated releases, allow some excitement to come through in the copy. Highlight a few of the model’s key features and make sure you let readers know when the big release is taking place. Call to actions in new inventory emails should entice readers to click through to the dealership’s inventory or to a detailed vehicle review of the new model.

  1. New Owner Emails

What They Are: When a new customer purchases a vehicle at your dealership, these emails are sent to say welcome and thank you.

Writing Tips & Tone: New owner emails essentially make a first impression and you want to start off on the right foot! Tone here should be upbeat and helpful. Since a new owner may not know everything your dealership offers, this is a good opportunity to outline your services and where you can be contacted.

  1. Service Emails

What They Are: If new owners enroll in an associated maintenance plan that will be fulfilled at your service center, these “welcome” service emails can be sent a few months after their purchase date.

Writing Tips & Tone: Focused on your service offerings, these emails should include helpful information such as your dealership’s service hours, the number customers can call to schedule an appointment, and any benefits provided such as complimentary shuttles or loaner vehicles.

  1. Confirmation Emails

What They Are: When a customer schedules a test drive or service visit using your online signup page, they should receive a confirmation email with the details in their inbox.

Writing Tips & Tone: Confirmation emails in general should be pretty straightforward. Do make sure they include the date and time of the appointment confirmed and what the appointment is for.

  1. Lead Nurturing Emails

What They Are: An email series with specific educational intent, lead nurturing emails provide subscribers with helpful information and resources from your dealership at key points in the researching process. Combining the ongoing, relationship building aspects of an eNewsletter with purposeful resources that are ready to go, lead nurturing lends itself especially well to the car buying process.

Writing Tips & Tone: Lead nurturing emails are automated, meaning they are set up to be sent after so many days, after an interaction occurs (could be a test drive appointment, request for more information, etc.). Don’t believe an automated email can be personalized? This post may just prove you wrong.

The Road to Staying Relevant

The emails your dealership sends out to its customer base should be robust enough to cover a wide range of applications, from touting a cool new award your service department won to getting owners of a specific model up-to-the-minute recall information.

Each of the email types listed above acts as a different route or pathway to draw customers in, it’s all a part of reaching your target audience in a way that they’ll be most responsive.


Put it in Drive:

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Jenny Prikockis is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at FullThrottle. 


Jenny Prikockis

Jennifer Prikockis is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at FullThrottle

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