Do I really need a Pay-per-click campaign? If you want to be able to sell cars, then the short answer is yes, you do. A well-executed Paid Search campaign can be vital medium to driving quality leads to your dealership and increase the visibility of your website. Having a solid PPC strategy can be an important part of your integrated marketing efforts. FullThrottle prides itself on the integration of digital mediums such as PPC and SEO (search engine optimization) in order to help you have a comprehensive digital strategy.

FullThrottle’s dedicated PPC team will start by getting to know you and your dealership. What are your strengths, weaknesses, inventory, goals, etc.? From there, the team will formulate a custom strategy for your dealership to increase leads.

Your PPC team will ease any concerns or answer any questions you might have regarding Paid Search. We’re constantly evolving with the ever-changing world of digital marketing to make sure you are the getting the best and latest strategies that will help your dealership cultivate leads and do it while helping to improve other key metrics including click-through-rate, cost-per-lead, and conversion rate.

Frequently asked questions from Dealers include, how do I know PPC is working? You’ll know the campaign is working because FullThrottle will be able to show you results. Our strategy includes tracking all conversions through PPC including phone calls, form submissions, chat leads and much more.

FullThrottle’s dedicated PPC team is a Certified Google Partner and as such, is on the cutting edge of what is next in the PPC world and is even granted access to betas and test programs that allow us to keep our clients ahead of the competition when it comes to selling cars online.

Are you ready to be first and take your paid search program to the next level?

Be First and Go FullThrottle

Kick start step: Take a look at the paid ads that show up when you conduct a google search on some of your best selling vehicles. Take note of the paid ads you see, if they aren’t yours you are missing the opportunity to sell more cars.

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-Dan Gaughan is a Paid Search Specialist at FullThrottle

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