The purpose of any commercial website is to entice customers by displaying the products that are for sale. Dealership websites are no different. The purpose of a dealership’s website is to display vehicle information for potential customers.

This makes the inventory the most important part of a dealership’s website; but simply displaying inventory is not enough. You need your inventory to entice potential customers and set you apart from the competition. By pairing creative web merchandising strategies with proper active inventory management, you can ensure your dealership is effectively reaching the desired audience.

Proper, Active Inventory Management

Displaying inventory properly and making changes and adjustments proactively creates a solid foundation on which to build creative web merchandising strategies. Before adding these creative web merchandising strategies to your site, it is important to review your current inventory.

Complete an audit of your site’s inventory. Pay special attention to the details. You want to be sure that the key elements of your site’s inventory are in place, are functioning, and displaying properly.

FullThrottle's Tip

Complete an inventory audit of your site once a month to ensure all information is displaying properly. Use the following checklist to guide your audit process or create and customize your own to fit your site’s inventory needs.

Inventory Feature Displaying on Site Displaying Properly on Site
Vehicle MSRP
Vehicle sales price
Vehicle incentives – if any
Vehicle discounts- if any
Vehicle Make, Model, Trim
Vehicle Photo or Stock Image
Vehicle Category – New, Used, Certified

Creative Web Merchandizing Strategies

Once you have reviewed and developed a solid foundation using proper inventory management, you can apply some creative web merchandizing strategies below. Web merchandising strategies can give your site a unique and competitive edge.

  1. Accurate and Detailed Vehicle Descriptions

Make sure all of the vehicles within your inventory are equipped with a well written, accurate account of the vehicle and the features it provides. Since we know that car shoppers spend most of their time researching cars online, the way you describe your cars is more important than ever. (The Importance of Vehicle Descriptions) Vehicle descriptions help paint a picture for curious customers and can be the boost they need log off and step onto the showroom floor. Vehicle descriptions can be written by creative writers at your dealership or can be produced and provided for you by companies like Pure Cars.

  1. Easy to Navigate Inventory Filters

Customers want to be able to access information quickly and efficiently. It is important that your inventory be written clearly and follow a level of consistency. This will make it easier to generate filters by which help customer to navigate the inventory with speed and ease.

  1. Creative Photo Displays

Visualization is a key aspect of the online shopping experience, it drives engagement and improves interaction by up to 65%. (19 Reasons You Should Include Visual Content in Your Marketing) Every vehicle within your inventory should be accompanied by a photo.

How you display these vehicles photos can set your dealership apart from the competition. Your dealership might try adding a gallery image feature or interactive visual experiences like the SpinCar 360° Walkaround.

By following the above checklist you'll be on your way to creating a website experience for your current and potential customers that entices them to do business with you. For more information check out our industry tips page.



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