One of the fastest ways to get more leads from your website is not what you might think. Driving more traffic each month is always great, but what if you could maximize the traffic you’re already getting to your website?

Before you spend hours upon hours figuring out a new marketing strategy, consider spending your time optimizing your website to convert more of your current website traffic.

Check Your Calls-T-Action

One of the most important changes you can make to your website to convert more leads is to optimize your calls-to-action. While driving more traffic never hurts, improving your CTA conversions makes sense when you look at the numbers.

For this example, let’s assume your site gets 10,000 monthly visitors. Your CTAs convert at 2%. That means you get 200 leads per month.

In order to increase your leads 50% by purely driving more traffic, you’d need to increase your traffic by 50% as well, or pull in 5,000 more visitors.

However, if you instead worked on improving your CTA conversion rate, which could be as simple as changing the placement on the site, adding more CTAs, or altering the words or images used, you can get the exact same result without getting any additional traffic whatsoever.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself about your current setup:

  • Do I have enough CTAs on my most trafficked pages?
  • Are my CTAs easily noticed without being too pushy?
  • Are my CTAs answering the questions my future customers have?

If you already get a solid amount of traffic, you should be split testing your CTAs as well to see which ones are converting better.

Landing Pages

Most digital marketers know the importance of using landing pages on your website. Where they often fall short is the extent in which they use them.

Putting a land page together and getting it just right can be a tedious process. You need the right copy, right images, right CTA, and you need to drive the right traffic to it. And, you should even be split testing your landing page to make sure you’re getting the most out of it possible.

The key part of this section’s subheading is the plural: Landing Pages.

You can improve your lead generation conversion rate by having multiple landing pages tailored exactly to what website users are searching for and clicking on – the more the better.

In Summary

Getting the most leads out of your website comes down to more than just traffic. You want quality traffic, and you want to do everything in your power to get that traffic to convert to help you identify who is ready to buy from you now, and who needs more time to make their decision.

BY focusing on improving your CTAs and landing pages, you can vastly improve your lead generation process without the need to improve overall traffic numbers.

For more information about conversion optimization and landing pages, check out this free e-book 7 Little Known But Highly Effective Secrets To Creating Killer Landing Pages.

Put it in Drive:

Go to any page on your website and locate all the CTA’s. Ask yourself how they can be improved, and if the page as whole if set up to capture as many leads as possible.


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—Tim Backes is a Digital PR Coordinator at FullThrottle.


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