The best way to manage a sales rep is by the numbers, the numbers never lie. Some managers evaluate the pipeline and some evaluate the sales activity. The reports on each sales rep will hold clues on why they succeed or why they struggle.

Your website should be held to the same standards as a sales rep, by the numbers. And, just like an under performing sales rep that is costing your dealership money, you can part ways with your current website provider and hire a new car dealership website platform to increase revenues and net profits to help you sell more cars.

Let’s examine some metrics on the reports and what insight we can gain from them.

Sessions, Users and Pageviews from Google Analytics

If you don’t have Google Analytics set up on your current website, you need to do this immediately to help you gain insight into the website behavior of your potential customers. These metrics are grouped together to give you a quick overview of the traffic coming to your website and what is happening while on your website.

-Sessions: all visitor website traffic

-Users: individual traffic on your website

-Pageviews: how deep the traffic searches are on your website

Tip: Your Pageviews should be 10 times greater than your users. If it’s not, change your website platform!

Data Cube’s Total Organic keywords from Brightedge

Brightedge is a leader in enterprise search engine optimization reporting metrics. It has a tool call Data Cube which provides deep insight in to the keywords customers search for in your industry. The tool has the ability to see how many keyword variations your website is currently ranking for on the first 3 pages of Google. It also provides the keywords and their position. This report can unlock the areas of opportunity that has proven to increase the generated monthly leads of so many businesses. Brightedge a Fullthrottle Standard Feature.

Tip: If Brightedge reports a significant amount of first page keywords for your website and your leads are not as high as you need them to be. Change your website platform!

Do we offer EBooks for Downloading?

Ebooks have been proven to add value to the customer and open the door to lead generation. Every business in every industry should offer educational material to potential customers. If you’re currently offering eBooks, as a lead generation tool, some common metrics to report on are landing page visits, bounce rate and conversions.

With Google analytics, we can look at how many EBooks have been downloaded and look back to see what pages led to that eBook download. We can also see how many people visited each landing page as well as how many left the site. This information is as useful for getting the higher performing pages in front of more visitors, it’s like deciding what cars to place in front of your lot.

Tip: If you have a high number of landing page visits plus a high bounce rate, something needs to change! Your website is costing you sales!

Bottom line in the auto industry is volume sales, it always has been, it always will be. It’s the only number we care to focus on each day, because it the only number our manufacturer cares to focus on each month. However, clues to predict, improve and manage the monthly sales volumes reside in the reports. How do we expect to sell more cars if we don’t look at our reports?!


Put it in Drive:

Delegating work to a specialist is the best option to get insights into the business. Hire a company to manage your website, provide reporting and optimize it to generate more leads. Then delegate managers to be the inside specialist to understand the reports.

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-Dan Woods is a PR Coordinator at FullThrottle


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