Introducing - Custom Mail Frequency 

Custom Mail Frequency in's platform allows you to re-deploy direct mail marketing at a time that best fits customers in YOUR industry's buying cycle. In the past - our remailing frequency was one-size fits all - cycling through a 120 day window. fullthrottle.aiTM now offers the capability for you to customize your re-mailing frequency between 1 - 4 months. With this product update, you can control how often you send mail to your audience.

What's so special about 120 days?
In the early days of's always on-marketing … our remail cadence was established to mimic the average buyer journey at your everyday car dealership  (aka, once every 120 day). As our opportunities expand beyond the automotive industry and our products continue to evolve  - we've updated our mail model to allow for the mail frequency to be determined by YOU - the advertiser.

Your direct mail budget - sending when it best suits your customers - so your brand and business grows.


Another way fullthrottle.aiTM continues to enable brands, advertisers, and more to take back data their control.

You can read more about the details of this fullthrottle.aiTM product update on our Sagedesk knowledge hub: What is Custom Mail Frequency?