Activ8 Appointment Screen

 Recently launched this February: 

We’re adding more dimension to the Activ8 product. 

In our most recent update to Activ8, there will be more transparency and a unique view into the data.  

Introducing the new appointment screen 

How to get to the appointment screen: 

Go into “Identify” - under the sales and service lens is the appointments screen, which will be live for all dealers as of 2/7/2022 

All appointments are visible by time/by hour and the vehicles coming in. If that vehicle was purchased through the dealership, you will see additional insights on the car.  

This information can be viewed from our map view, with filter options.  

All customers are clickable, so you can see conversations, especially around buyback vehicles.  We recommend dealers to take advantage of this information and begin conversations with those customers. 

The data can be sorted by the top banner and go into individual households to really help connect the dots and see the full picture. 

As always, dealers don’t need to use or train anyone to use this new feature. The system will still function as it always has – effectively and behind the scenes.  

The best part – this comes at no additional cost.  

Why Activ8 

RIP Old-school Equity Mining. RIP Email “Blasts”. We want to encourage and offer dealers the chance to retire old equity mining tools. So long to email blasts and cold calling, blasting prospects with marketing. Activ8 offers a single email saying all the right things in one email, instead of sending a lot of emails all saying different things.  

We also bring everything into one place, knowing this is very important for the automotive industry. 

If you currently do not have Activ8 and are interested in learning more, schedule your demo here.