Q3 and 2022 Year-to-Date for Our Advertising Technology

WHAT DO WE DO AT fullthrottle.aiTM?

At the core of fullthrottle.aiTM is our ability to generate unique cookieless first-party household data powered by patented technology.

We believe that data enables the entire ecosystem (agencies, media companies, and brands) to market and measure relevant advertising.  

Let’s break this down: how do we do this? 

There are three key parts. One is our proprietary advertising technology, where we passively transmute these website visitors into households. Two, we actively collect first-party households via on-site promotions.

When we look in the automotive space, we add a third key part––importing seven years of first-party household transaction data.  

A lot of our products and services are built on both auto and non-auto.  


When we looked at all the updates we’ve delivered in the last three or four months, there were about 481 different updates, tasks, and features that we pushed to our advertising technology platform.  

We will cover the highlights with the largest impact.  

Everything we will cover is around first-party audiences. Our key abilities with our audiences are: 

  • Visualize and understand 
  • Make those audiences smarter and deeper 
  • Increase their volume and addressability 
  • Look at our operational speed on those audiences 
  • Hydrate the audiences, make them portable, and activate them anywhere in the ecosystem
  • Have the security, infrastructure, and scale to support the massive growth our team is set to deliver. 


Lifecycle and NitroLeads are crucial extensions of our ability to, respectively, activate historical first-party data and deliver promotions via online value exchange of true zero-party data in exchange for a reward.  

They are supported by the core foundational patented technology. Even this part of the product has undergone so much depth and volume that it’s imperative we invest innovation in how we continue to build that depth, scalability, and volume. 


Lifecycle has been around since the dawn of fullthrottle.aiTM. It has grown and evolved as fullthrottle.aiTM has.  

In Lifecycle’s lifetime, we have collected and understood data of over 7 million total household records across thousands of dealerships. Within those records, we have had over 2 million total vehicle updates.  

This means a customer engaged with their information and updated it on their own. That really helps to amplify what fullthrottle.aiTM stands for, which is an end to third-party cookie reliance and a focus on self-cleaning data and self-cleaning mine set to really power our audiences with unique first- and zero-party data.  

Latest Important Lifecycle Updates 
  1. Enhanced audience filters—this allows for an easier way to sort through and filter what you’re looking for. In the audience lens, you can go in any segment and sort very easily by make/model/year/style.  
  2. Audience Planner—further refine your list, actually add in estimated miles.  
  3. Lifecycle is Canada Ready—we are heading into the Great White North. Lifecycle can now go further into the cold and we can actually understand those addresses and market to them.  
Up Next for Lifecycle 

We are working on ways to help dealerships better understand and view their ROAS, along with providing real-time notifications to customers with upcoming service appointments through the use of their equity information. 


NitroLeads was launched right before the COVID-19 pandemic started. 

Latest Important NitroLeads Updates  
  1. Auto-group and launch 300+ advertisers.  
  2. Interface updates that expediate and simplify the launch process for OEM campaigns.  
  3. Upload gift card images from the interface—additional customization. 
  4. Refine your customer’s experience by now giving them multiple offers within one campaign through dynamic promotions based on their behavior and page visits on your site.  
Up Next for NitroLeads 

For the future, we're looking at ways to adapt similar programs for non-automotive CRMS to accommodate demands from general market clients who want to utilize this product in driving leads and aggregating first-party data, while being vertically agnostic.   

We are also looking into ways to report and measure buyer journeys across our new multiple offers feature. 


At fullthrottle.aiTM, we are focused on continuously enriching our audience data to make it better and more accurate, which equates to more valuable data. 

Latest Audience Technology Updates 
  1. We are constantly enriching and improving our audience transformation capabilities. There are a lot of changes with web browsers, like IPV6. So, we’re improving our technology to work just as well, as browsers improve.  
  2. We’re also improving the data hygiene, such as a deeper national change of address and integrations to improve accuracy of the household data itself.  
  3. We’re constantly scaling our database capabilities, infrastructure to meet the growing needs of clients, and data warehousing capabilities. We’re improving our load speeds and processing power for our clients, so they have insights and data all on a faster platform. 
Up Next for Audience Technology 

We’re continuing to protect and provide assurance with all the evolving privacy legislation. Our technology is completely SOC 2 compliant and privacy-first.

We’ve launched a privacy hub that has resources, information, and privacy practices. This is very important for us, as an advertising technology, to follow and maintain best privacy practices and standards.


Latest Audience Activation Updates 

1. Match Rates 

Match rates are one of the industry’s biggest pain points, which fullthrottle.aiTM has turned into a competitive advantage. For those unfamiliar, match rates are common records. 

Having a unique audience is amazing, since there’s a problem with a lack of first-party data scale. While owning a bigger first-party data seed audience is great, match rates can then be prohibitive, since they can make a small number smaller—anywhere from 15 to 40% that’s matched through the common pipes, which is low.  

Our match rates are significantly higher and we’re pushing our audiences through the pipeline. This is a testament to quality data and intense hygiene, with dedicated efforts to adhere to privacy regulations.

Through our partnerships with Amazon, Charter, and Spectrum, we have really proved we can connect the pipes to get a 99% match rate. We have further proved we can drive greater efficiency on media by using first-party data.

2. Audience Portability 

We strive to maintain maximum fidelity when it comes to sending fullthrottle.aiTM data to a destination for downstream actions, such as activation, measurement, and analysis. This means limiting the amount of dilution that happens as the data is transferred.  

With this fidelity in mind, we implemented a monitoring station for all the custom data export feeds and connections that we have in place.  

advertising technology

With this implementation, we are adding another audio connection. 

3. Activate and Measurement  

Back in June, we unveiled journey segments as a concept and a way to count. In this mission, we brought Journey Segments to multiple screens.

our advertising technology activates and measures journey segments and ROAS

We launched an audience planner within the platform to tell a better story of customer journey and ROAS within segments.  

Up Next for Audience Activation 

We are always working on improving the customer and advertiser experiences to give them better views or ROI. We’re investing, so our key products and services can be displayed right in the dashboard. We will be adding ROI breakdowns based on used vs. new vehicles, financials, and total ROI values.  

We prove everything with true transactions––that’s the metric that really matters at the end of the day. 


iHeart Media Updates 

our advertising technology activates and measures

We are now able to bring transaction-based attribution for audio and iHeart Radio for measuring ROAS. 

SmartMail: Year-to-Date 

This software identifies people in the lower part of the funnel who are closer to making a decision. We have sent out over 2,601,305 pieces of SmartMail. It’s a big part of what we’re doing with our platform. All of our marketing activations have been proven to work and make a difference, and direct mail has proved its results to our clients. 

SmartMail: Up Next 

One of the things we’ve been hearing our clients ask is, can we change the cadence of how often a piece can go out?  We are looking into the cadence and frequency of direct mail pieces to fit with client marketing goals and requests. 


Curious about future upgrades and what’s coming down the pipeline? Keep an eye on our Platform Updates page 

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