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Our cutting-edge tool will connect with your DMS so that every time someone purchases a vehicle from your dealership they will get an automatic, personalized, branded email asking them if their experience was positive or negative. If positive - it'll lead them to their favorite review site, if no - their comments will go directly to you. Crisis averted, reputation built.

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BrightEdge is the leading world-class enterprise level SEO platform. Dealerships can tap into the largest data set in the industry, indexing billions of pieces of content, including rich media, search, and social, at web-wide scale. Backed by such a robust data set, dealerships can see which channels, content types and topics are high performing and why. Dealerships can also look at historical and real-time search demand to understand effectiveness over time. These insights into consumer demand set dealerships up for success with a content strategy that is tailor-made for their local audience. Brightedge>>>


Showcase a more compelling and unique social community.

Upload dealership, happy customers, vehicle delivery, and event pictures with a built-in release form your customers can sign with their finger. We believe in a "Behind the Dealership" approach to Social Media. We live in a world where every dealer talks about customer service as a value prop, but few are able to back it up. Social Media is the only platform where you can show your current happy customers, give a sense of your personality and make prospects comfortable with the people they will be buying from. Autosnapp>>>

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