This is a step-by-step guide for creating standard forms on the Full Throttle website platform. Any forms submissions that need to be sent to a specific email address or group of email addresses MUST be set up in this format . Any forms that will go to the dealership's CRM need to be set up in a different way, which you can read more about here.


Step-by-step guide

Building the Form

  1. Go to the Forms section of the admin
  2. Click "Add New" to create a new form
  3. Add the form fields using the "User Information" section (screenshot below)
  4. The User Information section should have most of the form fields you'd need for setting up a standard form (First Name, Last Name, Email, etc)
    1. NOTE: if you need to add in a textbox to the form (for comments or questions), then use the "Textbox" field that is under the Template Fields section
  5. You can change the label of the field by typing in the "Label" field (screenshot below)
  6. To make any fields required, click on the "Restriction Settings" drop down and select the "Required" checkbox
    1. Note: You can also select email validation for the Email field (this is a best practice for forms, so make sure to enable this option)

Emails & Actions

  1. To set up the different email rules and success page URL, utilize the Emails & Actions tab in the new form you've created
  2. To add in the email for where the form submissions should go to for the STANDARD forms, click Add New and select "Email" from the Type dropdown
  3. Add a name for the action, typically you can name it something like "Lead Email"
  4. Add the "From Name", typically Dealership Name + Website (ex: Winner Auto Group Website)
  5. Add the "From Address" as
  6. Add in the "To" address, which will be the email address that the lead submissions should go to. If there are multiple emails, press enter after entering each one and keep adding until you have added all the email addresses for form submissions to go to
  7. Enter in an email subject following this standard naming convention - Dealership Name + Website - Form Name + Form Submission (ex: Winner  Auto Group Website - Contact Us Form Submission)
  8. In the "Email Message" section, click the "Insert All Fields" button so that it includes all of the form fields in the form submission emails
  9. Click on "Advanced Settings" and add in the email address in the BCC section
    1. We do this so that if there is ever an issue with forms not going to the right person, they are still sent to our internal email address and we can send them over to the person; this is also helpful for troubleshooting purposes

Adding the Form to a Page

Once you're ready to add your form to a specific page, follow these steps:

  1. If this form will live on a specific page, then go to the specific page you want to add it to in the Pages section of the admin
  2. Then click on the "Add Forms" button on that specific page (screenshot below)
  3. You should now see a pop-up where you can search for the form title or you can click the dropdown to see all the available forms
    1. Either search for the specific form for this page or select it from the dropdown and click "Insert"
  4. You should now see the Ninja Forms shortcode in the text box for the page (screenshot below)
  5. Click "Update" to save your update to the page and now the form should be on this page of the site!

Setting Up Thank You Pages (Form Success Pages)

  1. Go to the Pages section of the admin
  2. Select "Add New" under Pages
  3. Add a page title, typically follows this naming convention: Form Name + Thank You (ex: Collision Center Thank You)
  4. Add the permalink, typically following this naming convention: form name + success (ex: collision-center-success)
  5. Enter in the page text, which typically says this: Thank you for filling out our form. Someone will contact you shortly!

  6. Make sure that the page is set to noindex, nofollow so that the page isn't indexed by search engines, to do this follow these steps:
    1. In the page edit screen, scroll to the bottom to get to the Yoast SEO section
    2. Click on the Gear Icon
    3. Set Meta robots index to be "noindex"
    4. Set the Meta robots follow to "nofollow"
      1. You can double check any thank you pages in the admin to ensure that they are set to noindex, nofollow by checking that the SEO circle is blue (screenshot below) when in the Pages list screen
  7. Once you've set the page up, copy the permalink so you have that handy for the next step and save/publish the page
  8. Go to the Forms section of the admin
  9. Go to the form that you added the thank you page for
  10. Go to "Emails & Actions" tab
  11. Click "Add New"
  12. Select "Redirect" from the Type Dropdown
  13. Add an Action Name, typically Thank You Page Redirect
  14. Paste the permalink URL for the thank you page you created
  15. Click "Save"