Dynamic 3rd Party SRP & VDP Icon

This section of the Inventory Catalog screen is for adding dynamic 3rd parties to the SRPs/VDPs.

  1. Adding a Custom Icon/Link
    1. To add a custom icon for specific pieces of inventory on SRPs, you can upload the icon photo in this section of the admin
    2. Then add the link for what page the icon should click through to
    3. Enter the Model Number or the Year/Make/Model/Trim combination following this format:
      1. Model #: Just enter the model number
      2. Year/Make/Model combination: [year_2018+make_Toyota+model_Land Cruiser]
    4. Click Save
    5. Now the custom icon should be available on the set of inventory you set!
  2. Other Third Parties You Can Enable Here
    1. Turn a Car on VDPs (check the checkbox to enable)
    2. Edmudns Site Enhancer (check the checkbox to enable)
    3. Carfax (to enable Carfax, check the checkbox to enable it)
    4. Autocheck
    5. To add AutoCheck to the SRPs, add in the following:
      1. AutoCheck CID (Customer ID)
      2. AutoCheck PWD (Customer's PW)
      3. AutoCheck SID (Vendor ID - Stream)