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The General Options in the Inventory plugin is where you can make edits to the overall inventory section of the Full Throttle site. New features are being added to this section of the plugin frequently, here is the list of current features in General Options and how to use them.

Inventory General Options

  1. Default Stock Car Photo
    1. If there is a specific image the dealership wants to use instead of the default "Coming Soon" image, it can be uploaded in this section. This image will show when there are no actual car photos OR stock photos pulling in from Homenet.
  2. Custom CPO Image
    1. If a client has their own "custom" Certified Pre-Owned icon they want to use instead of the default manufacturer CPO icons, this is the section where it can be updated (note: you can only upload one photo for this)
  3. Dealer Specific Phone Numbers
    1. If this dealership site has multiple dealerships on the site and each have their own specific phone numbers, update the phone number in this section.
    2. Note: these phone numbers are displayed by dealername, so there may be times when there are two "Dealernames" for the same location - just enter the phone number in both fields
  4. Dealer Locations
    1. Need to update the location name on a Full Throttle site? This is where you can update the location names!
    2. VERY IMPORTANT: After updating the location names, run a sync on inventory so that the location name update goes through
    3. If you are updating the location names AND the phone numbers, we suggest doing the location name updates first before updating the phone numbers, as the phone numbers are done by dealername and would need to get updated again if you end up changing the dealernames.
  5. Inventory parameters
    1. Drop down
    2. Drop down for parameters to exclude
  6. Default Vehicle Sort Order

    1. A client can choose which sort order is the default for their site
  7. URL 
  8. Open Vehicle Pages
    1. A client can choose whether vehicle pages open in a new tab, or in the same tab
  9. Enable "Locked Price" 
  10. Enable "Compare Vehicles" 
  11. Exclude Non-primary Makes from SRP CPO filter 
  12. Enable VDP Clickable Details 
  13. Enable Infinite Scrolling
    1. Web page will continuously load as the user scrolls down rather than creating several pages
  14. Enable Similar Vehicles

    1. Creates a list of vehicles similar to those the user has been looking at in a scroll box at bottom of VDP
  15. Custom Price Ranges
  16. Enable Specials Filter 
  17. Open Specials Filters by Default 
  18. Custom SRP and VDP Icon 
  19. Enable "Turn a car" VDP Feature
  20. Enable "Edmunds Site Enhancer"
  21. Enable "Carfax"
  22. AutoCheck CID
  23. Filters visible on General Options Catalog Page 
    1. Client can change order of filters
  24. General Options Catalog Vehicle Details Display
    1. Client can select VLP and VDP boxes
    2. Client can change order of items