Pricing Configuration - New Inventory

The Price Config plugin is for updating the pricing display rules for New and Used Inventory (screenshot below). This is where you can set the logic for how the prices display and the pricing labels. The disclaimer popup text can also be added here as well. To add in pricing logic for NEW inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Put in the "Start" label price - this is usually different per client but most of them usually have the "Start Price" be labeled as MSRP
  2. Then set where this "start price" is pulled from in Homenet. Typically this is pulled from the MSRP field but should be confirmed on a client-by-client basis since sometimes it differs
  3. You can also check off the "strike through" option to have that price field striked out on that price field
  4. Then you can set a discount and can do this a few different ways
    1. Calculation - the calculation is used for when the discount is the difference between two fields in Homenet. For example, if the dealership wants to the discount to be the difference between MSRP and Selling Price then select "Calculation" from the Discount dropdown
      1. Then in the Discount Calculation dropdown, select the different fields in Homenet the calculation is based off of (most of the time, it's MSRP - sellingprice)
    2. Setting a specific field - if the client has a specific field where they enter in the desired discount, then select the field the discount is coming from
  5. To set the label for Discount, you can update this using the Discount Label field in Price Config
  6. To set Incentives, you can follow similar steps as Discount noted above but there is an additional option for Chrome Incentives (Chrome Incentives should only be used if the client would like Stream to handle the manufacturer incentives on our end and ONLY apply to NEW vehicles)
    1. To set up Chrome Incentives, follow the steps as outlined here
    2. If they are NOT using Chrome Incentives and are using either a Calculation or using a specific field, follow the same steps as noted above for Discount
  7. To update the label for Incentives, you can update this using the Incentives Label field in Price Config
  8. To set the Final Price, you can select the Final Price field that the price is coming from in Homenet (most of the time, this is from the sellingprice field)
  9. To update the label for Final Price, you can update this using the Final Price Label field in Price Config
  10. Once you're done setting up the price configuration, click on "Save Changes" to see the updates go through