Syncing Inventory

  1. To update the inventory, you can either do an UPDATE (which looks for what has been updated in the last 2 hours) OR you can do a full re-sync
    1. To just update the inventory, you can select a specific Dealer ID to update or you can update all of the Dealer IDs. To update the inventory, select the Dealer ID you want to update (or do all) and click the "Start Inventory Sync" button
    2. To do a full re-sync, select the Dealer ID you wish to do a full re-sync of (or if it's for all dealer IDs just keep the All Dealer IDs option) and check off the box shown in the screenshot below then click "Start Inventory Sync"
      1. Please note: doing a full re-sync takes longer to update since it is doing a full refresh of the inventory

        IMPORTANT: On bigger group sites, like Fred Beans, we recommend that you ONLY do a full re-sync on 1 Dealer ID at a time rather than doing all of them due to the inventory size **