Adding a New Slide

Login to the website backend and navigate to the Slider plugin 

  1. Click on Add New
  2. Upload the slide image
    1. You can either upload one image that will be used across desktop, tablet and mobile devices OR you can upload one for desktop/tablet and one for mobile
      1. NOTE: if there is only a desktop image uploaded, then that image will show on mobile
  3. Enter the Click Through Link
    1. Enter the link that the slide should click through to in the "Link slide to" field
  4. Enter the Start and End dates in the Start/Expiration date fields
  5. Enter a Priority (Optional)
    1. This only really needs to be done if there are specific slides that need to show first; to do this, enter the highest number as they are the numbers that will get the priority
  6. Disclaimer - you can add in a disclaimer to overlay the slide (it will show in the bottom right hand corner of the slide); This is optional and not required, you can continue to add in the disclaimer within the slide image itself
  7. When you are ready for the slide to go live on the site, check the "Enable" checkbox at the top of the Add New Image screen