Follow these steps for using the NEW Specials plugin for the FullThrottle website platform.                                                                                                                   ...

Adding a new special


1. In the admin, click on the Specials plugin (note the different icon)
2. Click on Add New



3. Enter a title for the special (i.e. 2018 Honda Accord LX Lease Special)

4. Enter the start and end dates for the special, check off enabled if you want to have the special be posted to the site after you click save


NOTE: if you are not ready for the special to go live, leave the "enabled" checkbox empty until you're ready for it to be enabled


5. Select the Type of special (New, Used, Service, Parts, etc.)
6. Select the Special Details (Buy Special, Lease/Loan Special, Service Special, Misc Special)
7. Enter the Model #, VIN or Stock Number for the special (if applicable)


NOTE: Using this will automatically pull in that special to show on the SRP/VDP for any vehicle(s) that match.


NOTE: If you're entering a BUY FOR special and you just enter a stock # or VIN without adding a specific price - it will automatically pull in the price from the inventory and will update the price automatically if it is changed in the inventory


8. Under Special Details, enter the different details for the special including price, term, disclaimer, description, etc.


NOTE: If you enter a Lease/Loan special, the monthly payment and disclaimer will be available on any vehicles with the matching model # (see screenshot below)



NOTE: The Full Description field is for the text that will display about the special on the actual Specials page



NOTE: The Short Description is for what will output on the coupon banner on the SRP as well as the "Special Available" expanded text (screenshot below)



9. Then, add in what the special should link to into the "Links To" field
10. SRP Filter Label = what shows in the "Special Offers" filter on the left hand side (this is optional)
11. SRP Filter Links To = the filtered SRP link that the Special Offers should link to (this is optional)
12. To upload an image for the special, use the "List Image" for the image that will be used on the Specials page and then the "Banner Image" for what will be used as the image on the SRP banner


SRP Layout Section


- If you'd like a coupon banner to show on a specific filtered SRP, this is the section where you can add in the URLs where that banner should display
- If you don't want any banners to show, then just click on the Catalog drop down and select "Don't Show"



NOTE: The "Special Available" banner that shows on top of each relevant vehicle listing pulls it by the model #, stock # or VIN - so it will show on any matching inventory with the matching model, stock or VIN




To update a page on the site to be a "Specials" page, here is the list of shortcodes you can use:


All Specials: [ft-specials type="" layout="vertical-card"]

New Specials: [ft-specials type="new" layout="vertical-card"]

Used Specials: [ft-specials type="used" layout="vertical-card"]