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Specials: Add a Leaderboard

Step by step instructions for creating a Leaderboard.                                                                                                                                                                                                   ...

1. Go to Specials > Add New
2. Add your leaderboard title and url


See illustration below for more guidelines in this section of the page.


3. Remember to add a start and end date to any leaderboard entry. See below.


4. Choose a 728x90px banner file to use for your leaderboard banner.


See illustration below for more guidelines in this section of the page.



5. Add any filters you would like to add to your leaderboard. For instance, if you want your leaderboard to only show on 2015 Ford Focus, you would add 2015 for the year, Ford for the make, and Focus for the model. You can add a trim style as well that will filter. (see image above)
6. Save your leaderboard and make sure it was saved on the Specials page.
7. Go to the website, adjust filters if necessary, and make sure your leaderboard image appears as it should by the settings you added.


Here is a final sample of what a leaderboard page would look like filtered by 2015 Ford focus on a live site.



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