Creating Used Vehicle Specials

1.)    Title:

Enter the title of the Used Vehicle Special. You do not need to add the trim for the vehicle because once you place the VIN#, it will display underneath the vehicle title. Ex.) 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan

  • Note: Keep the URL section blank because once the page is saved, the title will create the URL for you.

2.)    Enabled:

Make Sure Enabled is checked or it will not display on the site. If you forget to enable it, you can simply go back to the special and check it so it will be live on the site.


3.)    View Order:

Set the View Order if needed

  • Note: The numbers related to the view order is for New, Used and Service Specials, each section is not separate. For example – if I set a new special to view order 1, then set Used as view order 2, New Special will appear 1st and Used will appear 2nd upon entering the “Specials” page, etc.

4.)    Type:

Check Used, this determines which section the special will display on the site.


5.)    You can ignore Stock# and Model# as they do not have a function within the Used Special builder.


6.)    VIN#:

The VIN# is directly related to the vehicle you’re adding the special for. When you add the VIN# it grabs the vehicle trim, vehicle details and a photo to display on the site.


7.)    Price:

If you want the price to appear overtop of the “Reserve Special” popup form, enter within the “Price” field. This only takes number values and periods, all else will be ignored. Ex.) 12998

  • Note: There are alternative ways to add price values or other verbiage – more will be explained below, once we get to the Description section.


8.)    Start/End Date:

start date must be defined or it will not go live, when you try to save the special it will show “Make sure to enter correct start date” next to the Start date. The date will need to be added like this: Year-Month-Day (Ex.) 2017-07-27), for the site to read it correctly.

The end date will expire on the day you set it at 12:00AM EST – not through the day you set. So if you want a special to expire on July 31, 2017, you will set the end date to 2017-08-01.

9.)    Description:

Within the Description field, you can add pretty much any text you might need. You can use either Visual or Text to input the information on right hand side of the text box. It is pretty self-explanatory, visual acts as a visual editor whereas the text option works like HTML.

  • Note: This section is also helpful for listing out the “WAS” price for a vehicle.
  • Ex.) WAS : $15,998.00

10.) Leasing / Buying Disclaimer:

The leasing and buying disclaimer sections work just like the Description section. When entering in disclaimers, I find that using the Text option is better as it makes the text small and italic.

  • Note: Whenever you use the visual setting with disclaimers, it treats the text as if it were a paragraph tag and increases the size of the text and doesn’t make it italicized.


11.) Links to(URL):

As explained within the specials editor, this is where you would like the Used Vehicle Special you are creating to link once a customer clicks on the image or title of the vehicle. Typically, the Used Vehicle special will link through to the vehicle details page that is specific to the Used Special you are creating, unless otherwise noted. I found the best way to get the path is to search for the vehicle, if you have the stock, then grab the last portion of the URL after the website name.

  • Note: When entering in the URL, make sure you keep the forward slashes or it won’t like correctly.
    Ex.) You would only grab the bold part ->


12.) Special Listing Image:

As noted /shown above, once you add in the VIN# it selects the image that is specific to that vehicle.


13.) Double Check and Save

Once you are finished with your coupon, go back through and double check for any misspellings or errors. Once you are sure everything is correct, press save and view the recently created Used Vehicle Special on the site to ensure everything is displaying as you intended.