1. Make sure an AIS Incentive ID was created for the store in question
    1. This will need to be requested by the Full Throttle Team or Kristen Stasko
  2. After the ID is created, Log into the site where you want to add AIS Incentives
  3. Once logged in, go to Inventory > Pricing

  4. Now that you're in Pricing, within the General Section at the top of the page, enter in the AIS Incentives ID created into the FullThrottle API ID section.
  5. Enter the dealership's zipcode under Appearance > Theme Options > Inventory 
  6. While still inside Pricing and the FullThrottle API IDis entered, scroll down to the New Inventory section and Find Incentives. 

  7. Click on the "Incentives" drop down and change it to AIS Incentives.
    1. After AIS Incentives are selected, scroll down and click Save Changes.

  8. After you Save Changes go to Inventory > Incentives
    1. Once in the Incentives section, click Start Incentives Sync
    2. After you sync the incentives, you will see all of the rules that can be applied to the site.
    3. Select all of the rules that will be applied to **EVERYONE** - This means to deselect any rules that include Lease Cash, APR Cash, Finance Cash, etc.
      1. This way it includes ONLY the incentives available to all customers looking at the website.
  9. After you have all of the correct incentives selected, press Save.

  10. After the incentives are saved, go to the site and double check the incentives on the new inventory based off the "Incentives & Offers" available on vehicle brand websites.
    1. Make sure that when you're checking Incentives on the brand websites that you have the correct ZIP Code in place for the dealership you're working with.