Chrome Incentives is a third party service that is integrated into the Full Throttle website platform for manufacturer incentives. If a client would like to use Chrome Incentives, here is how you can set up their site for Chrome Incentives.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To run a fresh incentives pull, first:
    • Verify that the "Get Chrome Incentives" plugin is activated by going to Plugins → Get Chrome Incentives → Activate
      • If it is deactivated, activate the plugin
    • Then make sure that the zipcode for the dealership is entered in Appearance → Theme Options → Inventory
    • Open a new browser window and add the following to the end of the website URL: /wp-content/plugins/ft-chrome/inc.php
    • Click the "Get Chrome Incentives Data" button
    • Allow incentives data to pull, avoid exiting out of the browser window while it is still running *
  2. Once the incentives pull has gone through, keep the browser window open so you can reference the different program names to enter them into Price Config (depending on what the dealership wants to pull in)
  3. Go into Price Config in the admin
  4. Ensure that "Chrome Incentives" is selected in the Incentives drop down for NEW cars
  5. Add in the different program names into the Incentives description field in Price Config and make sure there are NO spaces in between the different program names
    1. example: Nissan Customer Cash,APR Customer Cash, Retail Bonus Cash
    2. To do a partial match (example: you want ALL bonus cash to be pulled in on the site) then add a % sign before and after the name (ex: %bonus cash%)
    3. If there are no % signs, then the system will look for a FULL match of the program name
  6. Then select where the incentives should be subtracted from (most of the time it is subtracted from the final price) and click SAVE
  7. Once these steps are completed, then you should now see the incentives values on the new vehicle SRP

Please note that currently we do not automatically refresh the incentives, so each month you will need to manually refresh the incentives