FullThrottle Learning Studio

Creating Sub Menus

  1. Go to Appearance → Menus
  2. Select the menu you wish to add a page to (Main Menu = hamburger menu; Footer = footer menu, Extra Header Menu = for anything additional to be added to the main menu on Disrupter theme)
  3. To add a page to the menu, locate the page you're looking to add or use the search function to search for the page
  4. Once you find your page, check it off and click "Add to Menu"
  5. From there, you will now see it on the menu you're editing and can drag/drop it to be in a specific order
  6. Once you're done editing, click "Save Menu" to update on the site
  7. To add a NEW menu, click "Create a New Menu"
  8. Add a name for your menu, ex: "Finance Submenu"
  9. Click "Create"
  10. Then follow steps 3 - 6

To add a submenu to a page or set of pages, go to Appearance → Widgets

  1. You will then see a few submenus already created underneath "Main Sidebar - Above Maps & Hours"
  2. To add a NEW submenu, click on the "Custom Menu" widget on the left hand side
  3. Add it to "Main Sidebar - Above Maps & Hours"
  4. Add "Explore More:" to the title
  5. Select the menu you'd like it to display (ex: Finance Submenu)
  6. Select Show Widget for Everyone and Show on Checked Pages
  7. Check off the pages you'd like to add the submenu to
  8. Then click "Save" and you should now see the submenu on the pages you checked off!


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