The purpose of this page is to provide some high-level details on the new Homenet technology, Data Conveyor, that the FullThrottle website platform now utilizes.

Benefits of Data Conveyor: 

  • Data is sent to us much more frequently than the other API method, making the websites have almost real-time inventory updates
  • Removes the need for having a CRON set up to update inventory, instead it is via direct API

A Few Considerations: 

  • While we are still a little new to Data Conveyor, there may be some pieces of data that you might notice is missing on the site. This is likely because it's not enabled in the data that Homenet is sending us and typically we just need to enable it ourselves or ask our Homenet contact for Data Conveyor to enable this
    • These types of issues should become less over time as we use Data Conveyor more, it might just happen during this transition phase
  • We currently do not have a button or anything to "refresh" inventory with the new use of Data Conveyor, however the inventory should update within 15 minutes. If something a "refresh" is absolutely necessary - please enter an issue in WF and assign it to the Full Throttle Web Product team and we will rebroadcast the API as soon as we can

Setting Up New Clients: 

  • Homenet should automatically be creating any new dealers to use Data Conveyor, but it is good to confirm with them during the setup phase if you're not sure

If you notice any issues on any of the sites with inventory that could be related to Data Conveyor, please enter an issue in Workfront and assign it to the Full Throttle Web Product team and we will look into it! 

All FullThrottle sites have been migrated to Data Conveyor other than the following: Fred Beans special financing sites, Pittsburgh Auto Superstore, Lake Auto and BMW NYC Motorrad.