This page describes the different settings available in the Instant Search section of the Full Throttle Options plugin.

Header Search Display: 

Instant Search on SRPs Display: 

Available Options

  1. Search Box Style: this controls the different styling options available for the instant search
    1. Please Note: as of right now, this does not include much so please do not change these settings
  2. Search Box Title
    1. This allows you to change the title of the Search Box
  3. Limit Search of Inventory To
    1. This will limit what type of inventory can be searched in the Header Search feature
      1. You can select New ONLY, Used ONLY or ALL
  4. Header Menu ON or OFF
    1. This setting is to set whether or not the instant search in the header of the homepage shows or not
    2. If you do not want this to show on the site, change this setting to OFF
  5. Header Search Layout 
    1. Please do not change this setting
  6. Uppercase OEM Name
    1. For certain OEMs like Honda, they require that the vehicles do not show in all caps, so if you need to change this then use this setting to be all-caps or normal uppercase/lowercase
  7. Match Results
    1. for the Instant Search on the SRP pages, if they need to be limited to not search ALL inventory...then update this setting to be set to "match" and it will only show NEW vehicles on the NEW SRP page or USED vehicles on the USED SRP page