Adding Dealer IDs

  1. To add a Homenet Dealer ID to a Full Throttle website, go to Inventory → Sync and then click on the "Advanced Options" button
  2. Paste the Dealer ID in the Dealer IDs section
  3. Then select what type of inventory to pull from the Dealer ID (can be both New & Used or just NEW or just USED)
  4. If you'd like the inventory from a specific ID to show first on the SRPs, check off "Sort First?"
  5. If you need to add more Dealer IDs, you can click "add" when hovering over the "actions" section
    1. NOTE: If this is a new website, you need to add in the Homenet Integration Token. The integration token is the same for all Dealer ID's set up under the Stream Homenet account, so you can use this token: c3bedebc-e64e-4393-8502-6152487326f4