The Compare screen in the Inventory plugin on the Full Throttle website platform is used for updating the fields that display on the Compare table page (see screenshot below of front end display)

Step-by-step guide

How to Setup Compare on a Full Throttle website:

  1. Go into Inventory → Catalogs
  2. Check off "Enable Compare Vehicles" and click Save
  3. Then you'll need to create the page for the Compare table, so go to Pages
    1. Click "Add New"
    2. Page Title: MyShowroom
    3. Permalink: my-showroom
    4. Template: can stay as the default template
    5. In the text tab, enter this shortcode: [ft-compare]
    6. Click Update
  4. Add fields to the Compare table following these steps:
    1. Go to Inventory → Compare in the website admin
    2. Find the field you are looking to add to the Compare table page
    3. Check off "Compare" box for that field
    4. Click Save and it should now be on the Compare table page! (note: you may need to clear your cache to see the update)
  5. The Compare feature should now show on the site! You may need to adjust the colors to be more in-line with the brand, which the Web Project & Support team can update

Important Note

Please note that the IP may need to be whitelisted by WP Engine in order for the cookies to be properly stored. If you notice that a site isn't storing the cookies properly for the Compare feature, reach out to WP Engine and ask them to "whitelist the cVins cookie" on the specific install(s) you need it whitelisted on.