General Options

  1. When you click into the different inventory catalogs available (typically New Catalog or Used Catalog), you will see a section called "General Options"
  2. The following options are available in general options:
    1. Default Vehicle Sort Order: this is to set the default "sort" option on the SRP for this inventory catalog. Typically this is set as "Price: Low to High" but if a client wants it to higher priced vehicles first then this can be updated here
    2. URL: this is where you can change the desired URL for the inventory catalog
    3. Open Vehicle Pages In: this is to set whether or not the VDPs open in a new tab or in the same window; research shows that many website visitors prefer to open up the VDPs into a new tab so that is what it is typically set to by default
    4. Enable Locked Price: this is to enable LockedIn pricing (only really done when dealers request that users submit a form BEFORE getting a 'final' price)
    5. Enable Compare Vehicles: check this off to enable Compare Vehicles on the specific inventory catalog you're editing
      1. Important Note: the website MUST be forced HTTPS (secure) before using Compare Vehicles
    6. Enable Infinite Scrolling: check this option if you want to have infinite scrolling available on this inventory catalog rather than pagination, infinite scrolling lets the user continuously scroll down on the page to view inventory without having to go to another page
    7. Enable Similar Vehicles: by enabling this feature, similar vehicles will now show on VDPs at the bottom of the page and will say "Other Vehicles You May Like"