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Inventory: Override Pricing

Please note that this is not recommended to do on a regular basis, only in emergency situations where the price needs to be changed or the car needs to be hidden. The client should still make the update in their DMS, as the temporary override will be overwritten as soon as the next inventory update occurs.

How to Temporarily Update Pricing

Make sure that you are logged into the back end of the website.

  1. Navigate to the specific vehicle you are looking to update on the front end of the website. If you are logged in, you will see an "Edit Vehicles" button under each vehicle listing (see screenshot below)
  2. Click on the "Edit Vehicle Details" button for the specific vehicle you are looking to update
  3. You can uncheck the "Display Vehicle" option if you want to temporarily hide the vehicle on the site
  4. You can also update the price in the "Price Override" field and then click Save

If you run into any issues, please enter an issue in Workfront and assign it to the Full Throttle Web Product Team.

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