he Dealership Info tab in Theme Options is where a lot of the dealership information can be added to a Full Throttle website.

Section Info

  1. Dealership Logo: upload the dealership's logo here for what displays in the header of the site
  2. Dealership Make Logo: this is where you can upload the dealership's make logo that will display next to the dealership logo in the header and footer of the site
    1. Note: if the site is a group site or sells multiple brands, then you do not need to upload a photo here if they don't want it or it's not required by manufacturer compliance
  3. Dealership Footer Logo: This is where you can upload the Dealership logo to use in the footer of the site
  4. Dealership Name: this is where you can enter the name of the dealership
  5. Dealership Tagline: if the dealership has a specific tagline they like to use, feel free to add it in this field
  6. Dealership Default Make: Enter in the dealership's default make here
    1. If the dealership has multiple makes, make sure to check off the "Multiple Makes" checkbox
    2. Then you can add in the different make names as well as make logos
    3. You can do this for up to 8 makes, if there are more than 8 different makes - please contact the Full Throttle support team
  7. Address: this is where you can enter the address for the dealership
  8. Dealership Google Map: enter the google map iFrame code here (this is typically done as a part of front end development for a new Full Throttle website)
  9. Dealership Google Map Link: this is where you can enter the URL for directions in Google Maps
  10. Social Links:
    1. Enter the different social media accounts for the dealership in the social media fields (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Blog)
  11. Webmaster Name + Phone Number field: if there is a dedicated Web Merch person, you can enter the Webmaster Name and Phone # in these fields and it will show on the Driver's Seat login
  12. Store Locator Logos & Locator Checkbox: these are for if the dealership has multiple locations and will be using the "Store Locator" plugin
    1. this is not needed if the dealership does NOT have multiple locations
  13. Dealership Brands Number & Locations: This is also only needed for group websites and is where you can enter the numbers to display on the store locator section of the website (screenshot below)