Step-by-step guide

  1. First, ensure that the following plugin is activated on the site by going to Plugins → Full Throttle - User Permissions (if it is NOT activated, please reach out to the Web Project & Support team so they can activate the plugin for you)
  2. Once the plugin is activated, go to Users
  3. Click "Add New"
  4. Add a username - typically the username is something like DealerAdmin or Dealer
  5. Enter the email for the main contact at the dealership that will be gaining access; this ensures that if they forget their password, they can reset the password themselves if it is an email they have access to
  6. Open up a text document where you can save the username and password
  7. Click on "Show Password" button and copy & paste the password into the text document you created
  8. Uncheck the "Send the new user an email about their account" checkbox - typically we just send them a separate email with their login info
  9. Set the Role for the user
    1. Depending on the type of access you'd like the dealership to have, you can select either: Dealer Admin or Dealer
      1. DealerAdmin is the more restricted access level for dealerships, so they only have access to the following:
        1. Driver's Seat
        2. Inventory Reporting
        3. Form Submissions
        4. Specials (Add, Edit, View)
        5. Meet the Team (Add, Edit, View)
        6. User Profile
      2. Dealer is the access level that has more admin permissions, so they would have access to the following under this user role:
        1. Driver's Seat
        2. Inventory Reporting
        3. Media
        4. Form Submissions
        5. Specials (Add, Edit, View)
        6. Slider Builder (Add, Edit, View)
        7. Meet the Team (Add, Edit, View)
        8. User Profile
  10. Once you set the role for the user, click "Add New User" and now the new user should be set up on the site!
  11. Send the username and password to the client