1. How does the NitroLeads Program work?

NitroLeads is a rewards program for customers who successfully test drive a vehicle at your dealership. While visiting your website, active shoppers will see the NitroLeads incentive, submit their information through our online form, and receive a coupon via email. Upon bringing this coupon into your showroom and test driving a vehicle, your sales team can redeem the customer in our user-friendly portal. Once redeemed, the customer will receive their gift card via email within two weeks of redemption.

2. How does my team access the NitroLeads Dashboard?

Upon enrollment with the NitroLeads program, your dealership will request access to the dashboard by clicking HERE

After filling out the Login Request Form above, a password creation link will be sent to your email. Once your password has been created, please log into the NitroLeads dashboard: nitroleads.ai

3. How does the customer receive their reward?

The reward will be emailed to the customer in the form of an electronic gift card for the disclosed amount. The customer should receive this within 2 weeks of being redeemed in the NitroLeads dashboard. In order for the gift card to be emailed to a customer, the dealership must verify the customer took a test drive and redeem the coupon directly in the NitroLeads dashboard.

4. How will the NitroLeads Program impact my website?

The NitroLeads incentive and form have no negative impact on site functionality. It is not a pop-up and appears as a collapsible overlay on your dealership’s website.

5. What happens if I can’t locate my customer?

Simply input the customer’s first name, last name, or email address in the nitroleads.ai search bar. If the customer does not appear using this method, they will need to resubmit the form on the dealer website.

6. How can my team get assistance with the NitroLeads platform?

For any questions – you can reach out to helpme@fullthrottle.ai.

7. Where can I see results and performance of my NitroLeads campaign?

Campaign results will be accessible via the nitroleads.ai portal and will include all associated lead information, as well as redemption details. The NitroLeads support team can provide a more in-depth analysis as needed.

8. Can anyone else access my leads and data?

No – only your dealership’s login can access your leads and campaign data. All leads will be passed only to your specific dealership’s CRM, in addition to living in your NitroLeads dashboard. Leads will never be shared, combined, sold, or redeemed elsewhere.

9. Where can I learn more?

Please contact the NitroLeads Support team at helpme@fullthrottle.ai, or schedule a demo at nitroleads.ai.


1. Train your team

Your sales team and receptionists should be up to speed on how the NitroLeads campaign works, how to login, and be able to access the dashboard to redeem customers. In addition, they should be familiar with what the coupon looks like and how to reach out to the NitroLeads support team for assistance. Our team is available to help troubleshoot any issues – and is also happy to demo and review the portal with your team to ensure they are set up for success.

2. ­­Act fast

­­Once redeemed in the NitroLeads dashboard, the customer should receive their reward via email within 2 weeks. To ensure this process moves quickly, redeem the test drive offer while the customer is still on site in your showroom. You can verify and update (if needed) their contact information through the NitroLeads dashboard during the redemption process.

3. Share access

Make sure all customer-facing employees have the login credentials and can access the NitroLeads dashboard to ensure a smooth experience for each customer who comes in to redeem. There will be one login per dealership- all employees share the same login credentials.


  1. Visit nitroleads.ai and sign in. Contact us at helpme@fullthrottle.ai if you forgot your username and/or password
  2. Search for your dealership and click on the LEADS button
  3. Within the LEADS tab, search for your customer using their name or email address
  4. Click the blue Redeem button on the righthand side, and enter the 17-digit code in the Coupon Code space provided. This code is located on the coupon that the customer brings into the dealership. Make sure to include the "-" and NO spaces
  5. Verify the Customer Information is all correct, and then press the Confirm Redemption button located in the bottom right of the window
  6. Confirm with the customer that they have received a gift card in their email inbox. They might have to check their Junk/Spam/Clutter folders