Retail Focused Analytics

Full Throttle Adnomics

In the modern age, your digital showroom is just as important as the brick and mortar one. Detailed reporting is a must to understand how yours is performing. Adnomics helps you bring all your reporting data into one place, making them easier to use and understand than ever before.

You’ve looked at leads and sales or website stats, but never both at once. Most reporting tools lack a user-friendly experience and can overload you with information, but our user experience keeps everything clear and simple.

Retail-Focused Analytics

We make it easy to see your MoM and YoY figures out of the gate. Our agnostic reporting tool reports across all channels of advertising for any website provider—and gets you that info fast. You’ll even have a one-of-a-kind look at inventory-level analytics.

Specials Builder

Build specials faster and merchandize your website with them for a better overall shopping experience. You can create and store a state/federal/OEM-compliant special based on the data you enter. Our templates streamline the process for simple and sound creation.

Up-to-Date Business Profiles

Most tools just show you marketing stats. We show you your business profile, too. See your total customer accounts, monthly sales, and sales conversions all in one place. It’s truly the whole picture.

Accelerate Your Business

Identify, Market, Measure addressable households down to transaction.