Showcase a more compelling and unique social community.

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A “Behind the Dealer” approach to content

A tool your entire staff can actually use


Upload Videos and Photos

Upload your content right from the dealership floor. Rely on your agency to do the heavy lifting of branding, publishing, and posting to digital world.


What can your Staff Upload?

Customer Delivery Photos, Dealership Special Events, Inventory Pictures, Sales/Service Team Member Profiles, and much more!


Caption and Tagging

Mark down who bought the car, the make/model, their names, and their story.


Signature Release Page

We have an easy signature release form customers can sign right on the device. Easy, Easy, Easy!


Prospect Trust

Gain trust from your potential customers by showing them a little bit about who you are, and why your customers are happy with their purchases.


Unique Social Community

Create a social community that is actuall unique to you. Your dealership floor, your happy customers; a window into your business.

Signature Features

We want to make your job easier. We’ve included an easy to use signature page for each customer or prospect you tag in your content. This way they feel safe, you’re covered legally, and your agency has great unique content to use.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for future reference
  • Attach large pictures and videos easily
  • Tons of features and easy to use and customize

Our Philosophy

We believe in a “Behind the Dealership” approach to Social Media. We live in a world where every dealer talks about customer service as a value prop, but few are able to back it up.

Social Media is the only platform where you can show your current happy customers, give a sense of your personality and make prospects comfortable with the people they will be buying from. It’s the best place to create organic reviews, present a positive image of your dealership, and influence prospects before they set foot in the door.

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