NitroLeads Rewards Program

FullThrottle NitroLeads

How will you turn your digital leads into real in-store foot traffic? A rewards program may be the dynamite you need to blast through barriers between web consumers and your showroom. NitroLeads puts the power in your hands.

We didn’t build this on-site promotion tool by ourselves. Our developers worked closely with our OEM stakeholders to create solutions that bring more people into their showrooms. The response has been nothing short of explosive.

Shoppers Choose Their Rewards

Consumers on your website need incentives to visit your brick-and-mortar location. The NitroLeads form will prompt them to choose a gift card and sign up to test drive a vehicle. When they complete the form, they’ll receive a redeemable coupon by email.

Easy Dealer Redemption Process

An easy-to-use redemption website lets you swap your customers’ coupons for their gift cards of choice. Each customer will receive their rewards card within two weeks after they visit your showroom.

Addressable / Family Geo-Fencing

Buying a car is rarely a one-person job. Whole families influence the car-buying decision. Follow-up emails are designed to sway everyone in the household who has been identified.

Accelerate Your Dealership

Easy-to-use, mobile-first, world-class experiences that crush conversion goals!