1. What is Nitro Leads Program?

Nitro Leads is a virtual reward card that customers receive when they come in for a test drive. It is emailed to them electronically when the coupon code is redeemed by a dealership employee.

2. Who receives the Nitro Leads Program?

The incentive appears to customers actively shopping on your dealership's website. To receive the incentive, they must be actively searching for a new vehicle on your website.

3. Is the Nitro Leads Program considered a “pop-up”?

No, the incentive is not a pop-up. The incentive is an overlay that fires over your dealership's website. As an overlay, it does not affect a user’s Google web score.

4. How do I redeem a Nitro Leads Program?

Your dealership has a user name and password for the nitroleads.ai redemption site.  Click here to go to the site.  Once logged in to the portal, a dealership employee can redeem the customer’s coupon code.

5. I can’t find my customer’s name in the nitroleads.ai redemption site.

In the search bar, enter in the 17 digit code that is on the customer’s coupon.  The customer record should come up using this technique.  If not, they will need to resubmit the form.

6. My customer's coupon is expired. Can I still redeem it?

Although an expiration date is printed on the customer’s reward coupon, a dealership employee can redeem the coupon within 6 months of expiration.

7. Does my dealership hand out the reward card to the customer when they come in for the promotion?

No, the reward card will be sent electronically via e-mail to the customer based on the e-mail recorded in the redemption system within 2 weeks.  In order for the electronic reward to be sent to customer, the dealership must verify the customer took a test drive and redeem the coupon by going to the nitroleads.ai redemption site.

8. What if I do not have access to the nitroleads.ai portal or need additional training?

Please contact Nitro Leads Dealer Support team at (866) 485-8800 or email us at support@wearefullthrottle.com. We will assist you with setting up your login credentials and/or provide additional training.

9. Is there reporting included with the program?

Reporting is provided in the nitroleads.ai portal and includes lead information and all completed redemptions. Additionally, Nitro Leads can provide a more in-depth sales analysis at your request.

10. Who has access to these leads?

Only the dealership will have access to these leads; they are passed to your CRM and available in the nitroleads.ai portal.

11. Who is eligible for this program?

All FCA dealers are eligible for the overall program. However certain campaigns are pushed throughout the year

12. Can I run a Nitro Leads campaign on my own without being tied to a Nation or Regional Campaign?

Please contact Nitro Leads Dealer Support team at (866) 485-8800 or schedule a demo at nitroleads.ai for information on how to start your own Nitro Leads Campaign.

13.Where can I learn more?

Please contact Nitro Leads Dealer Support team at  (866) 485-8800 or email us at support@wearefullthrottle.com.


1. Set up user at each dealership

We recommend providing at least 3-4 people your dealership login access to the redemption portal to ensure great customer service. Ideally, users should include a decision maker (GM or GSM), an appointment scheduler for lead follow up (Internet or BDC), and employees to handle redemptions on the sales floor (Sales Managers, Receptionists, etc.).

2. Educate all dealer employees on the program

All customer-facing employees should be aware and knowledgeable of the program. They also need to know who at the dealership has login credentials and can redeem test drive offers. For example, if a customer presents the offer to your receptionist, your receptionist should know which team members can complete the redemption.

3. Redeem the customer's coupon code immediately after a test drive

To provide a great customer experience, redeem the test drive offer while the customer is still at your dealership. Confirm that their contact information is correct and that they’ve received their reward in their email inbox before they leave. Verify their email address and use the mailing address on their driver’s license.


  1. Go to nitroleads.ai and login with your username and password.
  2. Find the LEADS button for your dealership.
  3. Click on LEADS and search for your lead.
  4. Locate and redeem the customer by entering the 17-digit code in the search bar on the top right hand side of your screen. This code is located on the offer that the customer will bring in to the dealership. Make sure to include the "-" and NO spaces. You can also search by email, phone, or last name.
  5. Press the REDEEM button on the right of the customer name to verify all information and confirm reward fulfillment.
  6. Confirm the with the customer that they have received confirmation via email about their reward.