Sales & Service Suites

Advanced marketing automation & equity mining suite

Communication is key to making any sale. But, more channels to reach prospects in and departments juggling paper, email, and in-person conversations makes keeping track of contacts, let alone growing sales, an uphill battle for dealerships.

FullThrottle saw the opportunity to help dealerships get organized and get selling with a streamlined, easy-button approach to managing these multiple points of contact.

The Power of One

Introducing FullThrottle Sales & Service Suites: A dealership’s one tool for supercharged sales. Organizing and actively updating your dealership’s database, sending automated lifecycle emails, and finally linking service-only customers to sales with personalized offers… it’s your live, in-the-field integrated tool for smarter selling, prospecting, and customer retention.

Get Organized

Advanced Data-Mining Technology

Sales Suite uses advanced technology to clean and organize your customer database, actively categorizing entries based on vehicle information, equity or remaining term position, financing type, and more. Your sales team can quickly search and filter detailed customer records to identify prospects, generate work lists, and create profitable opportunities.

Get Automated

Automated Upgrade & Retention Communications

FullThrottle’s automated marketing technology processes customer and vehicle data to generate customized upgrade proposals and buy-back offers. Personalized emails sent at key points in the relationship, including birthdays and vehicle purchase anniversaries, are designed to keep your dealership top-of-mind and connected with your customers. And your team doesn’t even have to lift a finger.

Get Integrated & Updated

Vendor Integrations & Automatic Updates

The FullThrottle Sales Suite isn’t meant to override the technology you use for sales and customer communications. It helps you get the most out of all your tools by automatically migrating data to one place. Some of these technologies include:

  • Kelley Blue Book®
  • AIS Incentives
  • Facebook

In addition to data from your integrated technology and tools, changes to your vehicle inventory update lightning fast in Sales Suite.

Get Selling

Prospect the Service Lane

Is a service customer destined only to be a service customer? It’s an age-old question for dealerships that Sales Suite cracked wide open. With features and functionality specifically designed with service-only customers in mind, Service Suite helps dealerships identify and professionally act on service-to-sales conversion opportunities.

Build a Sale

As Easy as Pressing ‘Push Button Start’

With live access to your inventory, incentives, and customer vehicle information, building an upgrade for a customer in Sales Suite is easy. Personalized equity gets rolled into each customizable offer, while costs are broken out to highlight how much money the prospect can save in a new vehicle compared to what they’re paying now. These persuasive info sheets can be presented to a prospect in the service drive or showroom and easily texted, emailed, or printed by sales reps in a single click.

Get Insight

Private Consumer Portal & Dealer Activity View

With Sales & Service Suites, customers receive their own private consumer portal, providing a personalized equity-based lens for inventory vehicles and potential payments. Live notifications of consumer web portal activity are instantly populated in Sales Suite’s dealer portal, allowing you to see when customers favorite pages or use various tools including:

  • Live Inventory with Calculated Loan or Lease Payments and Trade-In Value
  • Inventory Research Tool
  • Side-by-Side Upgrade with Cost of Ownership
  • Choose Your Sales Rep
  • Loan Calculator

Get Support

Technology & User Success

Designed and developed by Stream’s experienced automotive technology team, the FullThrottle Sales & Service Suites are best-in-class platforms that sets its users up for success. Through our experienced programming approach and feedback from end users, Sales Suite operates from an ever-evolving, innovative platform that delivers enhanced features, advanced functionality, and results-driven communications. FullThrottle products are supported by Stream’s in-depth User Success Training and timely product support team.

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We thought it was about time to bring automotive dealers’ operations to the modern era, and ahead of the curve. Streamline your customer communications and crush your sales goals—Sales & Service Suites are ready when you are.

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Get the most out of Sales Suite with FullThrottle Web Suite—a mobile-first automotive web platform that provides an intuitive online experience for your prospective and returning customers.



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