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FullThrottle ZeroGraph

For the unprepared, the imminent future of AdTech could be quite dystopian. The demise of 3rd-party cookies and Device IDs looms closer, and legislation continues to complicate a rapidly changing ecosystem. 

FullThrottle ZEROGRAPH is our defense. It’s the backbone of the entire FullThrottle platform. The future-proof insulation needed to charge into the future of identity resolution, audience building, media activation and data weaponization. 

As others hastily pivot to new models of data connection, we’re doubling down on the platform we’ve homegrown from the ground up. A platform that has never relied on aging tech like 3p cookies or MAIDs.  

Instead, ZEROGRAPH is built on what we call the Six Pillars of NextGen AdTech: 


Cookieless Latitude Longitude location data via browser


Cookieless E-tag Local storage techniques


Cookieless Browser identification tied to graph


HTTP Referer without need for cross site tracking


Incorporate LastGen tracking techniques (MobileIDs, BidStream, Cookies)


Information Exchange Matrix + Offline Data Consumption

An Adjustable Fit

An Adjustable Fit

ZEROGRAPH is far from a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, we can align with just about any tech you have in place- and be as integrated as a full-on connections solution, or simply a compliant partner. 

A Perpetual Defense

“Reverting back” to an older way of data management seems to be a common approach to industry the shifts. With ZEROGRAPH, we can keep our attention looking forward, focusing our efforts on blazing a new trail into the unknown. ZEROGRAPH is agile and flexible, so new industry shifts will be the fuel for our platform’s continual evolution- not the nemesis. 
Perpetual Defense
Change is Here

Change is Here

In an unpredictable, rapidly changing landscape, you need to be insulated against seismic changes to your tech investments. Whether the industry is ready or not, data will expire, and tech will be rendered useless. But with ZEROGRAPH, you can rest assured your platform is future-proof. 

Are you protected?

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