Why Use an ADA Tool?

Websites that undergo a web accessibility project lose their level of compliance as soon as the first update deploys. After only one year, entire sections of the site become inaccessible.

The reason for this is that websites undergoing accessibility adjustments are often modified or updated. These changes and additions do not undergo accessibility adjustments, which, in turn, create “accessibility gaps” on the website itself.

The more updates and maintenance, the more gaps the website has. Hence, in approximately 6 to 12 months, the site becomes entirely in-compliant. We see this happen every day on websites that have paid thousands of dollars to be compliant.

Our ADA tool doesn’t need a human to go through and analyze the website; it utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to do exactly that. These technologies, first and only of their kind worldwide, scan, analyze, and decipher your website every 48 hours, thereby assuring you that your site is compliant and accessible at all times, regardless of any updates you may post.

How Does it Work?

  1. Install our single line of JS code
  2. Your website instantly displays our accessibility interface
  3. Our AI starts scanning and analyzing your website
  4. In 48 hours, our AI is finished and your website is compliant
  5. Our AI re-scans for new and revised content to process every 24 hours

Program Overview

WCAG 2.1 AA, ADA, Section 508, EN 301549 compliance

Daily automated compliance monitoring scans

Automatic 96%+ success rate AI-powered remediation

Fully customizable: positions, colors, icons, shapes, sizes & more

Accessibility statement and certification of performance

Automatic AI Powered Audits

Automatic monthly cloud updates

Open your website to people with disabilities

Features List

  • Fully accessibility of hidden elements that show only upon action
  • Virtual keyboard for Motor impairments
  • ALT tag building using image recognition technology
  • Modify spacing and alignments including letters and rows
  • Complete adaptation to screen readers including role building
  • Titles and buttons accessibility
  • Forms accessibility including label matching and error handling
  • Forms accessibility including label matching and error handling
  • Full adjustment to keyboard navigation
  • Quick skip to the main content and other areas
  • Advanced keyboard navigation using letter shortcuts
  • Advanced keyboard navigation using letter shortcuts
  • Expression, slang, and phrases built-in dictionary
  • Specialized quick navigation for the blind and Motorically impaired
  • Built-in accessibility statement
  • Emphasis focuses upon keyboard navigation or mouse hovering
  • Built-in accessible user guide
  • Icons accessibility including close, next and previous
  • 10 built-in languages in the interface
  • Align content to the left, right, center or justify
  • Dynamic content accessibility (Ajax, Angular, React, Vue…)Page title hierarchy fixing
  • Built-in feedback forms
  • Comprehensive tables accessibility
  • Links and clickable elements accessibility
  • Keyboard navigation including dropdowns
  • Font replacement to more readable fonts
  • Customize interface size and position
  • Contrast alteration: lighten, darken, inverse or grayscale
  • Hide images and background images (distracting elements)
  • Change cursor to big black or big white
  • Change title and text colors and sizes
  • Display and emphasize of image descriptions
  • Animations halt including GIFs, Videos, CSS, and more

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