How Does a Closed Loop Marketing Platform Work?

Powered by Patent Pending technology FIONA AI Identifies Audiences, Automates Marketing, and Measures Transactions.


Predictive Audience Building
  • 1.5P Anonymous Shoppers
  • Promotion Signups
  • Return Customers
  • Third Party Data
  • OracleDMP


Fuel, Automate, Optimize
  • Specials Builder
  • Automated Evergreen Mailers
  • Automated Evergreen Email
  • Personalized Email
  • Personalized Direct Mail
  • Digital Advertising
  • Display, Social, Audio, Video
  • Linear Cable, Video On Demand
  • OTT/CTV + Streaming


Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Website Traffic
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Digital Advertising Analytics
  • Traditional Advertising Lift
  • Buyer Journey
  • Shopper Propensity
  • Return on Ad Spend


Recommendation Engine
  • Connect Data Points
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Preprogrammed Sequential
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization
  • Ask Leading Questions
  • Automate Decisions
  • Help tell a smarter story of where we’ve been
  • A more strategic story of what to do next
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Fiona AI

Machine Learning + Precision Targeting

Simplified Artificial Intelligence. Intricate Shopper Stories.

  • Connect Data Points
  • Ask Leading Questions
  • Automate Decisions
  • Tell a Smarter Story

People Based Marketing Engine

First-Party Data

Data you collect directly from your customers from your website, CRM, databases, etc.

Second-Party Data

First-party data bought directly from a industry specialists, conquest solutions, third party.

Third-Party Data

Programmatic Data aggregated for specialized audiences such as demographic credit-based category-specific intenders for products and services.

Marketing Automation

  • Human intelligence and AI work side by side
  • Automate creative blasts to make your marketing more efficient
  • Plan, coordinate, manage, and measure your marketing campaigns
  • Closely oversee and nurture generated leads to convert them into customers
Marketing Automation

Identity Resolution Platform

Evolve beyond traditional web analytics a step further by tying online behavior to in-store shoppers unique identity. Powered by Patent Pending Technology.
Reconcile Available Data (Anonymous Traffic, 1st, 2nd, 3rd party)
Understand Mobile Shopper A is the same person as Desktop Shopper B
Measure Customer Journey across Multiple Devices
360-degree view of a Shoppers Identity and footprint

Media Activation

Immerse your target audiences in the experiences you’ve created through the power of media. Draw on many marketing disciplines—public relations, digital media planning, technology, and creative—to make it happen.
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Generate More Sales

Media Activation

Data Management Platform

Extend the digital footprint of your people-based audiences across every device with industry leading DMP.
Power innovative agencies, brands, and media companies to take targeting to the next level
Collect, organize, and provide data from multiple qualified sources
Connected Traditional + Digital footprint to reach your audience across all channels
From First Visit to in Store or Online Transaction

Attribution & ROAS

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Multiple Touchpoints

Reach shoppers via multiple channels, all at high frequency.

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Map the foot traffic at your showroom back to your digital marketing efforts.

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Always Optimizing

Use your ROAS data to continually optimize your campaign.

Unlock the Power of a Closed Loop Solution

Identify, Market, Measure addressable households down to transaction.