Transforming Marketing Efforts and Boosting Profits with First-Party Data

Wondering what all the buzz is about with CDPs? It seems like everyone in the AdTech and MarTech spaces is talking about them these days. How can a CDP transform your business process? Is it worth the time, money, and energy? The fullthrottle.aiTM team is here to answer your questions and demystify the CDP. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Using a CDP can provide valuable insights about customers, allowing for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns, and increasing the ROI of marketing efforts.
  2. fullthrottle.aiTM can help businesses navigate the world of CDPs and leverage their potential to transform business operations and improve marketing strategies for larger profits.
  3. Streamline business operations by centralizing customer data and providing real-time identity resolution, improving data quality and making it easier to act on with fullthrottle.aiTM.

What is a CDP?

CDP stands for Customer Data Platform. In addition to being a centralized database that pulls in both third- and first-party data, it works with other technologies to connect the dots and facilitate downstream processes, including activating and executing marketing campaigns. 

Another way to think about a CDP is like the brain of your campaigns. It begins by ingesting consumer records and related data sets. Next, it manages those records and cleans them up, which makes them easier to act on. 

In the AdTech world today, collecting, organizing, and leveraging first-party data sets remains challenging. Even within the current environment, CDPs can be a highly effective way to harness that data and turn it into measurable results for your business, making them a worthwhile investment.  

While working with a CDP offers a lot of potential, it is important to stay realistic about the time, energy, and effort they require to put into place. To launch one successfully, your business will need to coordinate with both your internal and external vendors. The fullthrottle.aiTM team can help you navigate the world of CDPs, so you can focus on reaping the rewards. 

CDP Potential with FT

What are the benefits of using a CDP?

With a CDP, you can better manage and activate the information you gather directly from your customers, known as first-party data. This will enable you to improve the quality of your customer profiles and reduce the need for other outside data points.  

When used effectively, the volume of first-party data within a CDP can provide you with invaluable insight about your customers, so you can create more targeted, effective campaigns. It can also provide you with details about real-time market opportunities for your current and future customers. In short, by drastically increasing and cleaning up your data sets, a CDP can completely transform your business operations. 

How is a CDP different than a CRM? 

Though CDPs and CRMs perform some of the same functions, CDPs are much more sophisticated. CRMs or Customer Relationship Management platforms can often be messy and difficult to keep up with. A CDP has integrated technologies designed to resolve customer records and provide real-time identity resolutions that CRMs do not. 

Ultimately, the cleaner the third- and first-party data sets you have, the better positioned your brand, agency, or media company will be to act and move customers through the funnel.  

Should I use a CDP with other platforms?

The beauty of using a CDP is that you can seamlessly connect it with the other platforms you use, such as MailChimp. As mentioned above, it acts like a brain or centralized hub that gathers and sorts through data.

Technologies like these are ever evolving, which requires businesses and brands to continually adapt to new advancements and improvements. Once you have a CDP in place, you can begin layering your other technology platforms over it to improve the quality of your data sets. With this information, you can present the right people with the right ads at the right time. 

Discover how fullthrottle.aiTM can power up your CDP

By enriching and expanding your first-party data, a CDP can increase your opportunities to transform leads. Though working with a CDP requires a significant monetary investment, if used correctly, it can transform your business operations, improve your marketing campaigns, and move customers to act sooner. 

At fullthrottle.aiTM, we’ve worked with many CDPs, and we know how to leverage them for our clients. This leads to improved management and activation of first-party data that can generate larger profits. We can supercharge your customer data platform with more first-party data and otherwise unreachable audiences. fullthrottle.aiTM transforms unreachable audiences into new household first party records to a CDP via our API solutions.

Not only can fullthrottle.aiTM generate and transform first-party audiences, we can drop it right into your CDP. Your CDP can then keep doing what it does best, but now with a significant amount of first-party data.

To learn more about how fullthrottle.aiTM can supercharge your CDP, request a demo today. 

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